Wet'n Wild Emerald Point waterpark discount tickets Greensboro NC

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The summer’s getting hot in Greensboro, North Carolina.  But luckily locals and travelers can both stay cool by getting wet at the place that has wet in the title: Wet and Wild Emerald Pointe!

Wet and Wild Emerald Pointe is the premier waterpark of the Triad area.  They’ve got so many great attractions for kids, teens, and adults.  We want to tell you about them.  And then we’ll tell you how you can save money on a ticket!

Rides for Teens & Adults

Bermuda Triangle

Intensity: Aggressive

I’ve long been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle, so I definitely appreciate the theming behind this new triple water slide. Each of the three classic body slides create a thrilling experience. The outer slides feature dynamic sounds, bright pulsing colors, and loops. And the middle speed slide uses special lighting effects to make you feel as if you’re zooming through a star field.

Bombs Away

Intensity: High Thrill

Choose between a couple of different thrilling experiences on this dual drop slide attraction. One of the drop tubes contains multiple loops. And the other is a vertical drop – you’ll plummet straight down at a speed of 26 feet per second!

Twin Twisters

Intensity: High Thrill

Unlike Bombs Away, the two waterslides are identical at this attraction. And both contain more than 350 feet of twists and curves – in complete darkness!

Double Barrel Blast

Intensity: High Thrill

This is another dual slide attraction. At the end of your ride down the chute, you’ll shoot out 4 feet in the air before you splash down into the pool below.

Daredevil Drop

Intensity: High Thrill

You’ll feel as if you’re free falling on this steep water chute, where you’ll drop 76 feet.

Dragon’s Den

Intensity: Aggressive

On this double rider raft ride, you’ll enter into the lair of a 9 foot tall dragon… if you dare! Highlights of the attraction include dropping down a 45 foot flume into pitch-black darkness and taking a spin around a 35-foot bowl.

Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror

Intensity: High Thrill

This double-rider slide features an initial 40 foot drop, a couple of 360-degree spins at high speeds, a tunnel of total darkness and more!

The Edge

Intensity: High Thrill

You can ride by yourself or with a friend or family member on this exciting half-pipe attraction.

Rides for All Audiences

Thunder Bay Wave Pool

Intensity: High Thrill

This fantastic wave pool is one of the largest in the United States. We’re talking about a 2-million-gallon pool with waves that are 84 feet wide!

Lazy River

Intensity: Passive

Floating down this relaxing lazy river in an inner tube is a great way to unwind.

Shipwreck Cove

Intensity: Aggressive

This area of the park is centered around a partially sunken ship. You can even walk the plank right into water that’s six feet deep!

Leisure Lagoon

Intensity: Aggressive

This shallow water area is never deeper than three and a half feet. It’s a great place to splash around or just relax.

Kid & Family Attractions

Rumble Bay Wave Pool

Intensity: Passive

Is your little one not ready for Thunder Bay Wave Pool? Then this kid-sized wave pool might be perfect for them!

The Cyclone Zone

Intensity: Moderate

This outdoor pool is full of swirling waters. And as you’ll be wearing a required life jacket (provided free of charge), you can let yourself get swept away!

Riptide Racer

Intensity: Aggressive

Up to four riders can slide side-by-side to see who is the fastest!

Tropical Drops

Intensity: High Thrill

Take a quick and fun ride through one of these short, fully enclosed vertical slides.

Willy the Whale Slide

Intensity: Passive

Your child can slide through the mouth of a smiling wave, right into shallow water.

Raging Rapids

Intensity: Aggressive

This whitewater rafting attraction will send you down an exhilarating 450 foot long river.

Soak Zone

Intensity: Passive

This interactive play area is 7,000 square feet large – and perfect for the entire family! Enjoy one of the 35+ water elements, or take a break in one of the shaded and seating areas.

Rattlers Reef Water Slides

Intensity: Moderate

The three waterslides (two winding, one short and straight) all lead to a pool of shallow water.

Runaway Raft Ride

Intensity: Aggressive

Ride down this 600-foot long curving flume in a raft containing one, two or three guests.

Happy Clam Slide

Intensity: Passive

This small, playful slide will lead the youngest guests right to shallow water.

Scooter Run

Intensity: Moderate

Ride this twisting water slide with a friend or family member on a two person raft.

Silly Submarine

Intensity: Passive

Children can enjoy this fun play area and the accompanying falling spray of water.

Lava Run

Intensity: Passive

The lava-themed slide for kids may look red hot, but this attraction is a great way to cool off!

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Where to Stay in Greensboro

Wet ‘N’ Wild Emerald Pointe is a great water park destination, whether you live in the area or a little farther away. If you’ll be traveling to Greensboro and need a place to stay, we recommend Grandover Resort & Spa.  It’s a really nice luxurious hotel that’s a great place to stay; we go over reasons to stay at this hotel here.

But if you are looking for a more affordable hotel, we also recommend Fairfield Inn & Suites Greensboro Coliseum Area. The hotel is about 7-15 minutes away from Wet N Wild (depending on traffic). You can find out why it’s such a great option in this Greensboro hotel review.

Places to Eat in Greensboro

If you get hungry while at Emerald Pointe, you have a number of dining options:

  • Captain Eli’s Food Court
  • Uncle Luigi’s Pizza
  • Crispy’s (popcorn shrimp or chicken with fries)
  • The Smokehouse (smoked turkey legs)
  • Breakers Hand Dipped Ice Cream
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Icee Mix-It-Up
  • Treasures (sweets and treats)
  • Sharkey’s (sweet treats)
  • Funnel Cake Reef
  • The Oasis (ICEES and Dippin’ Dots)
  • Polar Treats (frozen desserts)
  • Dockside Watering Hole
  • Crow’s Nest (draft beer and wine coolers)

And if you’re looking for a great Greensboro restaurant outside of the park, our family loves Darryl’s. You can find out why in this Darryl’s Restaurant review.