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WonderWorks Panama City Beach

Steps from the beach on Front Beach Road in Panama City is an amazing place to go for family fun.  And that place is WonderWorks.

WonderWorks is an over 35,000 square foot amusement park.   There are over a hundred hands-on exhibits and interactive displays here.

We’re going to talk about some of these amazing experiences.  And then we will tell where to get some coupons to help you save money here!

Wonder Zones

There are six Wonder Zones that are full of fun activities.

Extreme Weather Zone

Hurricane Shack

Enter the Hurricane Shack and you will feel what it is like to experience a category 1 hurricane.  That is because inside the Hurricane Shack is force winds of 74 miles per hour!

Tesla Coil

Feel what it’s like to become a human lighting rod!  Just place your hand in a steel armor glove through mesh into the Tesla Coil machine.  The Tesla Coil will then emit 100,000 Volts!

How Cold Is It?

See how long you can keep your hand in the icy cold!  You’ll stick your hand in water that is 28°F.  Time will then begin and you’ll see how long you last.  See if you can beat your family or friends!

Physical Challenge Zone

Bubble Lab

If you love bubbles, you will love the Bubble Lab!  You can make bubbles as large as basketballs.  Or big enough for you to fit inside!  You can also blow bubbles through a bubble sheet.

Bed of Nails

Learn about the principles of pressure when you lie down on a bed of 3,500 nails.

Pulley Power

Sit down on a chair that is attached to two, three, or four pulleys.  Then try to use the rope to pull yourself up.

Light & Sound Zone

Giant Piano

Ever wanted to play the piano with your feet?  Then you are in luck because that is exactly what you can do at the Giant Piano!  As the name implies, it is a giant piano and you can jump from key to key to make music.


Dance around in front of a screen.  Then watch your movement on the screen.  Your movements are mirrored & multiplied in gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Strike A Pose

Pose in front of a wall.  Press the button and strike a pose.  Then an image of your shadow will form!

Space & Discovery Zone

Astronaut Training Center

Want to know what it feels like to be a real astronaut?  The Astronaut Training Center gives you a great opportunity to do just that.

You get in a 2-person gyroscope.  It spins and rotates in random directions. This is what it would feel like if you were in outer space.  You will feel the same feelings they feel, from the weightlessness to the rolls and tumbles.

Space Suit

Another way to feel just like an astronaut is with the Space Suit.  You get to explore a life-size replica of a spacesuit that astronauts wear, an EVA suit.

Mercury Capsule

Project Mercury was NASA’s first human spaceflight program.  The spacecraft was big enough for only one crew member.  And now you’ll see what that it felt like to be that crew member.  Because you’ll be able to climb into a replica of one of those launched capsules!

Imagination Lab

Wonder Brite

Wonder Brite is a humungous version of a Lite-Brite!  You can rearrange the pegs to create any drawing you want, like an animal, car, flower, etc.

Dig It Sandbox

You can create your own creations here, but this time in an interactive sandbox!  This is possible through augmented reality with computer-generated sensory.

Gear Works

Here you can play with gears, which are basically wheels with teeth.  Try connecting the smaller and larger gear together, spin one, and see what happens!

Wonder Art Gallery

Did you know that Wonderworks Panama City Beach also has its own art gallery?  It is an illusion art gallery that has some of the world’s most renowned illusion art.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course

The indoor ropes challenge course is as tall as 36 feet and 3 stories high.  It has over 20 obstacles, like swinging beams, suspension bridges, lily pads, and more.  It is physically and mentally challenging while at the same time a lot of fun.  Whether you’ve never done this before or you’ve done it a lot, it’s a great experience.

Laser Tag Panama City Beach

Laser Tag at WonderWorks is fast-paced and action-packed.  You have to try to outlast and outshoot everyone you’re playing against.  Its innovative technology makes it a unique interactive experience.  So strap on a laser tag vest and come check out the black-lit maze!

Space Fury 360°

Space Fury 360° is such a WonderWorks experience, you know?  Because it combines Laser Tag, the Human Gyro, and Bumper Cars!

You’ll use one hand to move your vehicle around the floor.  And then you’ll use your other to rotate 360 degrees!  But that’s not all.  You may need to use one of those hands for something else.  Because your vehicle also comes with a laser cannon that can shoot targets on the walls, ceiling, and even other vehicles!  And the way the vehicles are shaped, you’ll be able to do this standing up, upside down, or flat like you are flying like Superman!


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