Discount ticket for Makutu's Island, a great place to take kids in the Phoenix, Arizona area

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If you’re in a desert and you see a tropical island, is it a mirage? If you’re in Chandler, Arizona, it’s no mirage, it’s Makutu’s Island. And what, you may ask, is Makutu’s Island? It’s an indoor play area designed to look like a tropical island with a giant banana tree, snake slide and caves.

The centerpiece of Makutu’s Island is a giant indoor tree filled with tunnels, tubes, mole holes and slides. The awesome snake slide starts on the fourth level and winds more than 35 feet around the outside of the giant tree to its base.

Three other play structures are the Blue Fantasy Tree, Pirate’s Cove and the Palm Slide. They feature tunnels, caves and a zip tracker.

Makutu’s Island characters include

  • Makutu, the friendly jaguar cub
  • Kiki, the well mannered koala
  • Oscar, the humorous alligator
  • Captain Max, the wise parrot

Makutu Island’s rope bridges are unique and offer unlimited exploration opportunities. Captain Max Bungee! is a bungee trampoline.

There is a special toddler zone called Oscar’s swamp. It has small slides, a climb area and a crawl area. There are also toys for the toddlers.

Kiki’s Cafe is a full service cafe. They are now serving beer, pizza, fries, wings and more. You can eat in or get take out.

Inferno Arcade

Inferno Arcade has some of the coolest pinball machines, including

  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium)
  • Metallica (Pro)
  • Iron Legacy Pro
  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Cue Ball Wizard

They will be bringing back the IFPA monthly tournaments.

Other Features

Makutu’s Island has a quiet parent’s lounge which features fee WiFi and numerous outlets for laptops and chargers.

It is recommended that kids wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to avoid burns from going down the slides. Socks are required. Admission is for all day. Children 1 and under get free admission.


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