Discount price for Scuba Diving Panama City Beach in Florida

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Are you looking for something new and different to do this summer?  Scuba Diving Panama City Beach has the perfect tour for beginners who are looking to gain underwater experience.  No prior scuba or swimming experience is required.  

Everything you need for scuba diving will be provided.  All you need to bring is a swimsuit.

Your dive site is located at Florida’s St. Andrews State Park.  On the beach, a dive pro will teach you about the fundamentals of scuba diving.  He/she will explain how all the gear works and familiarize you with safe driving techniques.  You’ll start out in waist-deep water to let you get comfortable with breathing underwater.  Some basic scuba diving skills will be taught.

This is a shore entry tour.  Once in the water, you’ll see al the beautiful aquatic life and fish.  All tours are in the ocean on a reef.

The first you’ll feel when you’re underwater is absolute freedom.  The pull of gravity is gone and you feel weightless as if you are flying.  Admire the beauty of the underwater world teeming with life and colors.  Fish will come close to get a better look at you.

You’ll receive complimentary pictures and video of your underwater adventure.


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