Discount prices for rods & reels you can buy for fishing

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These days who isn’t looking for an escape for the worries and pressures of everyday life?  Here is a great idea – go fishing! It’s a close-to-home stress-relieving getaway and a great way to relax.  It’s also a giant-sized dose of good old fashioned fun.

There are now some sales on rods and reels.  Here are some of the best deals.

  1. Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6’ Rod & Bait Cast Reel Combo Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6' Low Profile Fishing Rod and Bait
  2. Berkley Fusion Spinning Reel & Fishing Rod Combo
  3. Daiwa Shock Combo 7’ Spinning Rod With Shock 3000B Reel
  4. Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod & Reel Wakeman Swarm Series Spinning Rod and Reel Combo - Rose
  5. Shakespeare Alpha Low Profile Baitcast Reel & Rod Combo
  6. SHIMANO TLD 25 Lined Rod & Reel Combo
  7. Daiwa Shock Freshwater Spinning Combo Daiwa D-Shock DSK FW Spin PMC, 6'/Medium Light, Black/Gold
  8. Shakespeare Agility Baitcast Reel & Rod Combo
  9. Lews American Hero 2 Piece 6’ Rod & Reel Combo
  10. Daiwa Minispin ultralight Rod & Reel Combo Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo
  11. PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Combo PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel
  12. Shakespeare Cirrus Spinning Reel & Rod Combo
  13. ZEBCO 7’ Medium/Heavy Rod Bait Alert Beep & Flash Reel
  14. PENN Pursuit III LE Spinning Combo Penn Pursuit III LE 7' Heavy Twopiece 8000 Spinning Fishing
  15. Shakespeare Crappie Hunter Spinning Reel & Rod Combo
  16. Osage River Beginner Fly Fishing Combo 9’ Rod & 5 6 Reel
  17. Zebco Big Cat Spincast Combo Zebco Big Cat Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, 7-Foot
  18. Fenwick Pflueger Nighthawk Reel & Rod
  19. Eagle Claw Diamond Graphite Rod 6’ 6” 2 Piece Combo With Reel
  20. Zebco Spin Cast Combo 7’ Zebco Spin Cast Combo, 7 ft.
  21. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Reel & Rod Combo
  22. Hicks Micromaster Rod/Reel 1 Piece Spinning Combo
  23. NotAngler Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combo 4 Piece NetAngler Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 4-Piece Fly Fishing
  24. PENN Jigmaster Conventional Reel & Rod Combo
  25. SHIMANO TLD 15 Lined Rod & Reel Combo
  26. Blue Bait Cast Open Face Spinning 2 Piece Rod & Reel Combo
  27. Martin Complete Fly Fishing Kit Martin Fly Fishing Complete Kit, 8-Foot 5/6-Weight 3-Piece Fly Fishing
  28. Lixada Rod Reel Combo 
  29. Swarm Series Blackout Spin Cast 2 Piece Rod & Reel
  30. Zebco Platinum Combo Zebco 33PL602M, 10C, NS3 Zebco 33Pl/plc602m Platinum Combo
  31. Unique Bargains Retractable Rod 2M Reel & Hook Cap
  32. Sea Striker Surf Spinning Combo 2 Piece Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG Surf Spinning Combo, 8-Feet, 2 Piece with
  33. Lixada Rod Reel Combo Carbon Fiber
  34. Daiwa Shock 2 Piece 6’ 6” Fishing Rod + Spinning Reel
  35. KastKing Brutus 2 Piece Brutus Tuff Reel & Rod
  36. South Bend Combo 2 Piece  South Bend Microlite Spinning Combo
  37. Daiwa D-Shock Freshwater Rod & Reel Combo
  38. Zebco 5’ 6” OMEGA Spincast Rod & Reel
  39. Berkley Lightning Reel & Rod Combo Berkley Fishing Gear Combos Premount Spinning
  40. 13 In 1 Fishing Kit
  41. Mini Portable Aluminum Alloy Rod Pole & Reel
  42. Zebco Lady Spincast Combo With Tackle 5’ 6” Right Hand Zebco 202 Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, 5-Foot 6-Inch
  43. Unique Bargains Burgundy 38” Telescoping 5 Sections
  44. Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Rods 7’ 6” Heavy 2 Piece
  45. Mitchell 300 Reel & Rod Fishing Combo Mitchell® 300 Combo