Picture of Evia, Greece. See the beautiful forests, mountains & beaches during private tour

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Private Off-Road Experience In Evia, Greece

Get a great high-intensity experience on an off-roading tour in Evia, Greece’s largest island.  Spend a full day exploring dense forests, mountains, muddy trails, streams, and canyons.  Adventure addicts will absolutely love this.

Jump in a specially-equipped 4WD vehicle driven by an experienced off-road driver.  Cross the bridge from Athens to Evia and then hang on because you’re going on a ride you’ll never forget!  

See how a real 4WD vehicle drives off-road.  Go on trails that take you through dense, green forests.  Get an adrenaline rush crossing streams and rivers and going over difficult paths.  New obstacles are always in the way but that’s part of the fun of off-roading!

Evia is known for being a forest-covered paradise with many scenic trails, picturesque mountain villages, and stunning beaches.  Be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this unspoiled island.  This is a private tour and your guide can customize it for you.

You’ll stop for a picnic lunch of barbecue Greek style, a variety of meats, Greek pies and traditional Greek food.  You’ll get unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, local drinks, Greek wine, and Greek coffee.  

Chapel of Agia Kyriaki

See the lovely Chapel of Agia Kyriaki, one of Greece’s most picturesque churches.  It was built into the side of a cave and is surrounded by streams and plane trees with a nearby waterfall.  

Steni Forest

You’ll pass through Steni Forest.  It is home to fir and chestnut trees as well as crystal water streams.  The forest covers Mount Dirfis, Evia’s highest point at 1,743m.  It’s shaped like a volcano and overlooks the mountain of Steni.

Hike up Mount Dirfis and enjoy breathtaking views of the island.  Take beautiful photos that you can share on social media.  Then you’ll explore a narrow gorge and visit the village of Steni.


You’ll go to the city of Chalkis and see a special tidal phenomenon called “crazy waters.”  Strong tidal currents reverse directions once every few hours, creating stronger currents and powerful whirlpools.  

Chalkis is known as the “city of crazy waters” and locals call themselves trelonerites or “people of crazy waters.”  It is said that like the changing water currents, people here – locals and visitors – have been known to change their minds frequently.

Tour Information & Cost

Your tour includes complimentary hotel pick up, a local guide, snacks and beverages.

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