How to pick out the best outfit and accessories to wear to a Christmas holiday party

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We love the holiday season at Green Vacation Deals.  After all, we are all about going on vacations and special events.  And we love talking about Christmas parties, whether it’s one in your town or one you can attend while on vacation, like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Jollywood Nights at Disney World in Florida or a Christmas Party Night at Selkirk Arms in Scotland.

But the question is, what should you wear to this holiday party?  Of course, you want to look good.  But I bet you want to look unique.  You don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing at the party, right?

One way to make sure you’ll look good and stand out from everyone is by getting something from Etsy.  I love getting clothing from Etsy because I know I’ll be one of the only people wearing what I order.  I’ve found I get more compliments from the clothes I order from Etsy – and I get so many people asking me where I got it from!

Holiday Fashion Guide

And luckily, Etsy makes it easy for you to order something for a holiday party with their Holiday Fashion Guide.  You’ll find all kinds of great holiday items here.

You’ll find clothes to fit your own personal style and to fit the style of the party.  Going to an Ugly Sweater Party?  Consider this Ho Ho Hol Mir Mal Ein Glühwein Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt.  Going to a holiday party with your children?  Consider these Mommy and me matching Christmas red plaid outfits.

Of course, a lot of holiday parties call for you getting dressed up.  And if you want to stand out, well, I personally have always been very partial to sequins.  There are a lot of unique sequined dresses and outfits on Etsy.  For example, I love this Christmas red asymmetrical sequin dress.

Or if you want to be chic without the sparkles, consider this Red Velvet Crop Top/Black Tulle Top?

Another way to dress up is with a snazzy suit.  Like how about this red mens’ slim fit 3-piece red shawl lapel velvet tuxedo?

And I know you want to be unique, but you may want to wear a Santa hat.  But luckily you can find a unique Santa hat.  You can even personalize this unique Santa hat.  Or how about this pink and turquoise Santa hat?

Or you could consider wearing a holiday hat, but a more unique hat, such as this Christmas tree knit hat.

You can also accessorize without using a hat.  Consider getting this It’s Christmas headband, which is a simple way to take an outfit you already have and making it seem more like Christmas.

And those are just some of the fun items that appear on this list.  So stick to this and you can find the perfect unique item (or items!) to wear to holiday parties this year.