Show your football team price with the Mickey Mouse ears for popular NFL & NCAA teams

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Football at Disney World

Once it’s August, I’m always thinking about football.  If your family is like mine, then I’m sure you are, too!

So now that football season is upon us, I have to ask: have you ever been in Disney World during an important football game?  I know I have!  So here are some things you need to know:

There are some good places to watch the football game:

  • The ESPN Club at Disney’s Boardwalk (this is one reason why my family loves staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn).  They can turn the TV at your table to the game of your choice, which is good if it isn’t a national game.
  • Splitsville at Disney Springs has lots of TV, so this is a good option, too.
  • Your hotel room (this is good if you know you may get angry during the game!).  This would work if the game is on TV in Orlando.  This would also work if you stream you can stream your game.
  • The food courts at the All Star Sports or Pop Century – I have watched an NFL playoff game at the TV at the food court at Pop Century.  But I can’t guarantee the TV will be played there.
  • Rainforest Cafe – They have games playing at the bar.  See how to save money at Rainforest Cafe here.

Football Mouse Ears

But here’s the cool thing about being at Walt Disney World when your favorite team is playing.  You can rep your favorite team apparel at the park before and after the game.  And you can do that by getting specially made football team Mouse Ears!  I have worn these at Disney World and it was great.  It helps you meet fellow fans!

So, depending on your team, look through our list of Mouse Ears for college & NFL teams.  Hopefully, you’ll find your team!

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers Mickey Ears
  2. Carolina Panthers Mouse Ears
  3. Green Bay Packers Mickey Ears
  4. Dallas Cowboys Mickey Mouse Ears
  5. Raiders Mickey Mouse Ears
  6. Philadelphia Eagles Mickey Mouse Ears
  7. Kansas City Chiefs Mickey Ears
  8. Miami Dolphins Mickey Ears
  9. New York Giants inspired Mickey Mouse Ears
  10. New England Patriots Inspired Mickey Mouse Ears
  11. Rams Mickey Mouse Ears
  12. Chicago Bears Mickey Ears
  13. Minnesota Vikings Mickey Ears
  14. Baltimore Ravens Mickey Ears
  15. Denver Broncos Mouse Ears
  16. Seattle Seahawks Mickey Ears
  17. Tennessee Titans Mickey Ears
  18. Houston Texans Mickey Ears
  19. New Orleans Saints Mickey Ears
  20. Buffalo Bills Mickey Ears
  21. Cleveland Browns Mickey Ears
  22. New York Jets Mickey Ears
  23. Detroit Lions Mickey Ears
  24. San Francisco 49ers Mickey Ears
  25. Cincinnati Bengals Mickey Ears
  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mickey Ears
  27. Indianapolis Colts Mickey Ears
  28. Arizona Cardinals Mickey Ears
  29. Los Angeles Chargers Mickey Ears
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars Mickey Ears
  31. Atlanta Falcons Mickey Ears
  32. University of Tennessee Mickey Ears
  33. University of Georgia Mickey Ears
  34. Mississippi State Mouse Ears
  35. University of Florida Gators Mouse Ears
  36. Florida State University Seminoles Mouse Ears
  37. University of Alabama Mouse Ears
  38. Texas A&M Mickey Ears
  39. LSU Tigers Mouse Ears
  40. Auburn University Mouse Ears
  41. University of Miami Mouse Ears
  42. Clemson Mouse Ears
  43. University of Oklahoma Mickey Ears
  44. University of Texas Mouse Ears
  45. Ohio State Mouse Ears
  46. University of Michigan Mickey Mouse Ears
  47. Michigan State Mickey Mouse Ears
  48. University of Iowa Mickey Ears
  49. West Virginia Mountaineer Mouse Ears
  50. University of Southern California Mouse Ears