A picture of the fish and chips, the only menu item at the UK Pavilion's Yorkshire Fish Shop at Epcot at Disney World

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I have long said that one of the best perks at Epcot versus the other Walt Disney World theme parks is the food.  They have hands down the best selection of sit-down restaurants at any Disney World park.

But it doesn’t just stop with their sit-down restaurants.  They also have a wonderful selection of quick-service restaurants.

Quick-service restaurants are a great choice when you, well, want to eat something quickly.  They are also cheaper than sit-down restaurants, especially since you don’t have to pay a tip.

And they can work a bit better with your schedule.  If you get an advanced dining reservation, then sometimes it’s hard to schedule Lightning Lane Passes right before your reservation or during a window where you think you might be eating.

Lightning Lane Passes, by the way, are part of Disney’s somewhat new Genie Plus program.  It replaced the old Fastpass program.  You can read more about it here.

But anyway, you can’t always get an advanced dining reservation for your reservation of choice whenever you visit Disney World.  For example, my family really loves Tutto Italia at the Italian Pavilion in the World Showcase, but it’s hard to get a reservation there.

But you might think all quick-service restaurants have the same variety of foods: pretty much just burgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips.  This is often true at other theme parks (including other Disney parks).  And while those foods can be great, sometimes you want a variety.

So you’ll be happy to know about Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a quick-service restaurant at Disney World's Epcot's World Showcase's England Pavilion with one entree option: fish and chips

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

As you might have guessed from the name, Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a quick-service restaurant in the United Kingdom Pavilion in the World Showcase.  It is located right next to Rose and Crown, a sit-down restaurant at the United Kingdom Pavilion.  But unlike Rose and Crown where you can walk inside, Yorkshire County Fish Shop does not have any indoor seating.  You get your food from the window and then take it to eat somewhere else.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop at Epcot at Disney World is a quick-service restaurant where you order your food from a booth

Now, there are other restaurants that are set up this way at Disney World that don’t always have a lot of seating.  But one nice thing about Yorkshire County Fish Shop is that they have plenty of tables right next to it.

If you are looking for a quick, affordable, great place to eat at a Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida, check out Yorkshire County Fish Shop

In fact, you may have noticed the seating if you’ve ever entered Epcot from the World Showcase entrance.  It is the first part of the United Kingdom Pavilion right next to the World Showcase Lagoon.  This makes this restaurant especially convenient if you are staying at one of the hotels within walking distance of Epcot (which we were since we were staying at the Beach Club).  You can find out how to get a good deal for these hotels by clicking on these links:

It is also convenient if you are staying at one of the hotels with Skyliner access.  Click on these links to find out how to get good deals on these hotels:

Depending on where you sit, you could get a nice view of the water and the World Showcase.  There are also chairs that even have backs unlike some of the uncomfortable backless chairs at outdoor (and indoor) tables elsewhere at the parks.  And there are umbrellas over the tables, which is really great when it’s very hot (which happens a lot at Disney World).

A picture of Epcot's outdoor seating at the United Kingdom Pavilion you can use to eat your fish and chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The only negative of sitting outside is if it rains.  But since you don’t have to get an advanced dining reservation, you won’t be stuck eating outside in the rain.  It makes for a great place to sit on a nice, sunny day.

The atmosphere is also great.  They play a lot of music appropriate for the United Kingdom Pavilion.  So that is an added bonus.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop Menu

So what can you eat at Yorkshire County Fish Shop?  Well, as the name would imply: fish!

You can order fish and chips.  And this is it in terms of entrees.  This can be a bit of a negative if someone in your family does not like fish.  Though if there is a festival going on at Epcot, you can order food from one of the nearby food stations for other family members.  Just pick up a festival booklet to check out the menus and where you can find the food.

Especially since fish and chips is actually my favorite dish at Rose and Crown.  So I think it’s neat you can also get it at Epcot without having to get a reservation at Rose and Crown.

So how are the fish and chips?  It’s very good!   I really loved the chips (or as the American in me thinks of them, the Fries).  The fish especially is really good.

A picture of the fish and chips, the only menu item at the UK Pavilion's Yorkshire Fish Shop at Epcot at Disney World

The only negative is that it was a bit on the burnt side and therefore hard.  To make matters worse there, it did not come with a knife!

I asked the cast members if there were any knives, and the cool part was I did learn an interesting factoid.  The cast members (who were part of Disney’s international program and are British) told me that they purposefully do not have knives at Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  This is because in England, they do not use knives for their fish and chips.  That really surprised me, since I have to use a knife for my fish and chips!  The Festival of the Arts was going on when I was there, so I walked down to the Canadian Pavilion and went up to one of their booths and grabbed a knife there.

But while fish and chips is the only entree you can order here, there are other things on the menu.  You can also order United Kingdom beer:

  • Harp Lager (Ireland)
  • Bombardier Amber (United Kingdom)

You can also order Coca-Cola soda products, water, and freshly brewed Joffrey’s coffee.  Oh, and since this is the United Kingdom Pavilion, you can also order Twinings English Breakfast Tea.

How to Order Your Food

You can order your food the old-fashioned way.  You can join the line and then place your order.

But you also have the option of doing mobile order via your My Disney app.

Order food ahead of time with the My Disney Experience app where you can order from restaurants like Yorkshire County Fish Shop at Disney's Epcot theme park

This was what I chose, and it worked great.  I was able to sit down at my table, place my order, and then pick it up when it was ready.

Since the Festival of the Arts was going on, not everyone in family even ordered from Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  Others ordered poutine & wild mushroom risotta from food stations in nearby Canada.

So what I did was after I placed my order, I waited to press “I’m here, prepare my food”.  Instead, I went over to the food stations and bought the food for the rest of my family.  When I had placed my order there, I pressed the button so that they could prepare my food.

Unfortunately, getting the food over in Canada took longer than I thought it would.  I worried my fish and chips would get cold.  But luckily, that did not happen.  They have a heater that keeps your food warm.  So it was almost too hot when I picked up my food!


Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a great option for food at the Walt Disney World Resort.  It’s one entree item of fish and chips makes it different than most quick-service restaurants at Disney World.  There is plenty of seating with chairs with backs to them and umbrellas to keep you cool with amazing lake & World Showcase views and great atmosphere.  And you still get the advantages of a quick service restaurant: costs less, don’t have to bother making an advanced dining reservation, takes up less time and doesn’t interfere with Lightning Lane Passes, and you can take advantage of Mobile Ordering.  So if you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort and want a great option for quick dining, check it out!

Please note that you will need a ticket to Epcot in order to go to this restaurant.  You can find out multiple ways to get discounted prices for Walt Disney World tickets by clicking here.