Save money with Tampa Florida vacation packages includes tickets to places like Busch Gardens, Florida, Aquarium, ZooLowry & more along with hotel

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Tampa, Florida is a wonderful travel destination for families.  There are so many fun things to see and do in Tampa.  And there are so many great activities for kids and adults to enjoy.  From a world-class theme park to water park fun to the beach to an aquarium…the list just goes on and on.

So I am sure you would love to take a family vacation to Tampa, Florida.  If you are interested, I am sure you would like to book a great trip that’s a lot of fun.  But I am positive you would also like to save money.

One way to do that is to book a Tampa family vacation package.  By booking a package, you’ll get your hotel and admission to fun activities.  But by booking them together, you can save money versus booking them separately.

So today I want to tell you about the best Tampa family vacation packages available.

1. Kids Free at Busch Gardens Package

If you have children from the ages of three years old to nine years old, then this is a great ticket option for you.  Because it comes with free tickets to Busch Gardens theme park!

Busch Gardens is a great theme park for everyone, and there is plenty to do for children.  They have great animals that are fun for all ages.  There are great family rides.  And if your kids are young, they’ll love the Sesame Street Safari of Fun section.

Here is what comes with this package:

  • Free children’s admission with every paid adult ticket
  • Unlimited visits to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for 14 consecutive days
  • Free parking plus discounts on food and merchandise at Busch Gardens
  • Your choice of accommodations from a choice of hotel partners

Click here to get started booking this package.

2. Busch Gardens/SeaWorld Thrills Package

Do you have older kids?  Do they like roller coasters?  Then this would be a great package for them!

Now, one caveat I do need to mention is that this package does involve visiting Orlando, too, so if that is not in your itinerary, you might want to jump to the next package.

But this is a great package, and it does involve even more fun by including Orlando in it.  It comes with tickets to both Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and SeaWorld Orlando.

Not only that, but you get front-of-the-line access to the best rides!  The package comes with an exclusive one-time Quick Queue valid for one day per park.  That saves you so much time and let’s face it, waiting in line is never the best part of a roller coaster!  The Quick Queue even includes the newest roller coasters at each park.  Those roller coasters are Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (read more about that ride here) & Ice Breaker at SeaWorld Orlando.

But that’s not all!  You also get free parking at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld (and that saves you a lot).

And of course, no vacation package would be complete without accommodations!  You get a choice of accommodations from hand-selected hotel partners.  Select hotels even have free transportation to and from Busch Gardens.

You can book this package here.

3. Eat Free Busch Gardens Tampa Package

If your kids are too old for the Kids Free package, and you only want to visit Tampa during your trip, then one way you can save a lot of money on Busch Gardens tickets is with the Eat Free Busch Gardens package.  This comes with a free All-Day Dining Package at Busch Gardens! This is great because food and drinks can get pretty expensive at theme parks, so having free meals will save you money on your trip.

This package also comes with unlimited visits to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for fourteen consecutive days.  Plus you get free parking and discounts on food and merchandise, so it comes with a lot of perks.  And of course, it comes with your choice of accommodations from hand-selected hotel partners.

Click here to get started booking this vacation package.

4. Adventure Island Tampa Package

Adventure Island is a wonderful water park in Tampa, Florida.  They even added new slides recently.  There are fun things to do for kids of all ages – and adults, too.

You can book tickets to Adventure Island along with a hotel and save up to 41% by booking them together!  Click here to get started with this package.

5. Tampa Bay Family Getaway

You know this trip is family-friendly because it has friendly in the title, right?

This package is available through Vacations Made Easy.  You get to choose a hotel from a select group of hotels.  You’ll get two nights of lodging there.

You also get admission to a Calypso Breeze 2 Hour Lunch Sightseeing Cruise!  It departs from Clearwater, Florida.  You get amazing views of Tampa Bay beaches, landmarks, and wildlife. And then you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks, too.

Click here to book this package.

6. ZooTampa at Lowry Park Package

ZooTampa is one of the most gorgeous, tropical zoological settings in the world.  They have over 1,300 animals and your whole family, no matter the age can enjoy these amazing creatures.

By booking a hotel with your ticket to ZooTampa at Lowry Park, you can save up to 29%.  So click here to get started booking this package.

7. The Florida Aquarium Package

Another good package for animal lovers is the Florida Aquarium Package.  The Florida Aquarium is one of the top-rated aquariums in the country, and should be fun for kids and adults.

By booking a ticket here with your hotel, you can save up to 30%.  Click here to get started with this package.