Save money on dining on a Disney World trip by sharing a pizza at the Boardwalk Pizza Window with your family

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Now, I love visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  It is my favorite travel destination in the world.  And I love a lot of their restaurants.

But let’s be honest.  Not all of their food is great.  They know they have a captive audience.  So some of the food is just okay.  And a lot of it (most of it) is very overpriced.  Because, again, they know they have a captive audience.

But what if I told you about a great option for an affordable meal at Disney World that was also delicious?  And that option is the Pizza Window at the Boardwalk!

Boardwalk Pizza Window

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Boardwalk at the Walt Disney World Resort.  It’s a really neat place.  The Boardwalk has lots of shops, restaurants, and neat experiences.  It is modeled after turn-of-the-century boardwalks you would see in travel destinations like Atlantic City and Coney Island.

One of the dining options at the Boardwalk is their Pizza Window.

Buy a pizza for your family at the Pizza Window at Boardwalk and enjoy a nice night looking at the water

Order pizza from Boardwalk's Pizza Window near Epcot's World Showcase at the Walt Disney World Resort

How it works is you can order your food through the My Disney Experience app.  Then you can you find a table around the Boardwalk.  When your food is ready, you’ll get a notification on your phone.  Then you go back to the Pizza Window and pick up your food!

It is a really, simple easy process.  There’s plenty of seating around the Boardwalk so you should be able to get a table.

But more importantly, the pizza is delicious!  My family ordered one large cheese pizza and one smaller pepperoni pizza since not all of us like pepperoni.

Save money on dining on a Disney World trip by sharing a pizza at the Boardwalk Pizza Window with your family

A picture of the pepperoni pizza you can order at Disney's Boardwalk Pizza Window in Orlando, Florida

The pizza was really delicious.  Definitely in the better half of pizzas I have eaten throughout my life.

Boardwalk Dining Experience

Not only was the food delicious, but it was a great experience, too.  That is because the Boardwalk at Disney World is so great.  First of all, it is beautiful.  During the day, you can see the sun shining on the water and it is beautiful.  You have greats views of Disney’s Beach Club and Disney’s Yacht Club.  During the night, all the lights up are beautiful.  I enjoy hearing the boats go during the day and night.

But one reason I like the Boardwalk best at night is that you can see fireworks right from the Boardwalk!  We were able to watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom right from our table as we ate!

One of the perks of eating at a restaurant along Disney's Boardwalk is you can watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom

The whole Boardwalk has a fun atmosphere, too.  I love the street performers and carnival-type games going on around you.  It just makes the whole night even better.

Boardwalk Pizza: Money Saver

I am sure you haven’t forgotten that I mentioned you could save money by ordering from Boardwalk Pizza.  Well, for starters, because it is not a sit-down restaurant, you save money by not having to pay a tip.

But the main reason it is a money-saver is that your whole family can share a pizza.  Or two or three pizzas, depending on the size of your family.  Because you are buying one entire pizza rather than buying individual entrees, you save a lot of money.  And even if your family likes different toppings and you end up with leftovers, you could eat that as a meal another day on your trip.  And that saves you even more money.

You can save money this way by eating pizza at the parks, too.  We go over the best pizza at each Disney World park (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios) here.

How to Get to Disney’s Boardwalk

If you’ve never been to Disney’s Boardwalk before, it may be because you don’t know how to get there.  Well, if you leave Epcot through the World Showcase exit and turn left, you can get to the Boardwalk.  In order to walk through Epcot, you’ll need a ticket to Disney World.  Click here to learn how to get a discounted Disney World ticket.

Eating at Boardwalk Pizza Window is obviously the most convenient if you are staying at the Boardwalk, which my family was.  It was nice to eat there at night and then go up to our room and relax the rest of the night.  For tips for staying at Boardwalk, click here.

You can also access the Boardwalk via a boat or by walking from the Beach Club, Yacht Club, Swan, or Dolphin Hotel.

You can also get there by taking a Skyliner to Epcot – just walk in the opposite direction of Epcot.  Hotels with Skyliner access include Art of Animation, Pop Century, and the Caribbean Beach Resort.