A review of Earl of Sandwich, a great affordable quick-service restaurant at Disney World

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I honestly cannot say enough good things about Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs.  My family loves visiting this restaurant when we visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I think it may be one of your best bets when it comes to picking out a restaurant.  Let me go over the reasons why Earl of Sandwich is such a great choice.


First of all, Earl of Sandwich has the perfect location.  It is like the first restaurant you’ll see when you first walk into Disney Springs if you are walking from the Disney Springs hotels.

The most beautiful Christmas tree at Disney Springs is not even part of the Christmas Tree Stroll

That makes it incredibly convenient if you are staying at one of these hotels.

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It is also the first restaurant you’ll see right now if you are coming from boat transportation.  That is because as of right now, you have to walk down a path before you enter Disney Springs.  You are basically entering Disney Springs now the same way you would if you were staying at a Disney Springs hotel.

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Earl of Sandwich is also really affordable.  A lot of their sandwiches are $8.99 or lower.  This is cheaper than a standard meal you get at the Disney parks.

Also, if you are an Annual Passholder, they have a Passholder Discount.  Most quick-service restaurants at the Disney parks do not offer a pass holder discount.  So that is another way to save money.

Another nice thing about Earl of Sandwich is you can fill your drink yourself.

One of the only restaurants where you can get refills for your drink at the Walt Disney World Resort is Earl of Sandwich

Why that matters is because you can get a refill for no extra cost.  That is nice if, say, you are coming over to Disney Springs from one of the nearby hotels for lunch and then you are going back to your hotel to put the kids down for a nap.  You can take a drink to go and enjoy it.  You can do this at a few restaurants at Disney World (like ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios) but not many.

So those are reasons why it can be cheaper than other quick-service restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort.  And not only can it be cheaper, but the food is usually much better than other Disney World quick-service restaurants. And that brings me to…


The food at Earl of Sandwich is really delicious.

A review of Earl of Sandwich, a great affordable quick-service restaurant at Disney World

They also have a really extensive menu.  There are so many food options.  This is really great if you have people in your family with different tastes.  Everyone in your family is bound to find something they like.  And there are so many options, you could probably eat here multiple times during your trip.

Holiday Turkey Sandwich

The sandwich we most recommend is the Holiday Turkey Sandwich.  This is my mom’s favorite sandwich.

The best way for me to describe the sandwich is to remember that plotline on Friends went Ross got really angry after someone ate his Turkey Moist Maker Sandwich.  This sandwich at Earl of Sandwich is so good, too, that we would understand how you could react that way!

It’s got the turkey, the cornbread dressing, and the gravy are just perfect, and they’re great together.  It’s nice and moist.

She’s not even a cranberry fan, and she liked it.  She used to order it without but one time it was mistakenly added anyway, and she ended up loving it so now she gets the cranberry.

It is a unique sandwich, and not like any other sandwich you can get at the Walt Disney World Resort.  So those are the reasons we really recommend that sandwich.

The Earl’s Club

Another sandwich we recommend is The Earl’s Club.  It has Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Swiss, and Sandwich Sauce.

earl of sandwich disneyland paris discount in Marne la Vallee, France

Chicken Chipotle Sandwich

A picture of the chicken chipotle sandwich at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

The chicken chipotle sandwich is another great sandwich! It comes with grilled chicken, chipotle sauce, avocado, bacon, cheddar, and lettuce.

I expected the avocado to be my favorite part, because I really like avocado.   But it turned out the bacon was my favorite part.  It wasn’t that the avocado wasn’t good, because it was.  It just the bacon was that good!

Quick Service

Now, I do like having sit-down meals.  It is nice to be able to sit down at a table and have someone wait on you.  And they have a lot of great sit-down dining options at Disney Springs, like T-Rex Cafe.

But sometimes it’s nice to be able to get a quick meal.  There are a lot of things to do at the Walt Disney World Resort.  So it’s nice to be able to have a quick, delicious meal and then get on with your day.  And you don’t have to bother making a reservation and then planning your whole day around.

You can order ahead of time.  Or you can get in line and order food.

You can order ahead of time or buy your food atEarl of Sandwich and then sit down indoors or outdoors

Great Decor

All of the other things are a great reason to go to Earl of Sandwich.  But I also really like the decor inside the restaurant.  I like the artwork up and the overall theming.

I love the artwork and decor at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

Earl of Sandwich Negatives

There is really only one main negative of Earl of Sandwich.  And this really is going to sound like one of those negatives you would give about yourself on a job interview when you really want to compliment yourself.  But the honest truth is, the only main negative of Earl of Sandwich is how popular it is.

And what I mean by that is the long can get really long.  There are a decent number of tables indoors.

Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort has a number of seats but it can be hard to get a seat during peak dining hours

But it can be extremely difficult to find a seat indoors.  There is outdoor seating, so if you like eating outside that is your best bet.  But if you like eating indoors to avoid the Florida heat (or the frequent random Florida rain showers) then you might want to choose an off-peak time.

Like one time I went, my family was running a bit late and we ended up there around 9:00 PM for dinner.  There was still a line and a lot of tables were taken.  But we were able to find a table indoors.  But in general, offpeak times have made it easier for my family to find a table.


Earl of Sandwich is a wonderful restaurant that we highly recommend.  So next time you are taking a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, we definitely think you should eat at Earl of Sandwich!