Breckenridge Ski & Sport snowboard & ski rental package discount prices

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Are you planning a winter trip to Breckenridge, Colorado?  Well, if you are, then there’s a good chance you want to ski and snowboard on your trip.  After all, skiing and snowboarding are popular winter activities in Breckenridge.

So if do want to ski and snowboard during your trip, then you are going to need the right equipment.  And if you don’t already own it or you don’t want to bother with the hassle of taking it with you on your trip, you can always rent equipment.

And if you want to rent skis and snowboards from someone, Breckenridge Ski & Sport is a great choice.  Breckenridge Ski & Sport is the newest ski and snowboard shop in the area.  They are a locally-owned ski and sports shop in their second season.  They are located in Breckenridge off N. Main Street.  They pride themselves on offering the newest gear at the best prices.

But even though they already offer ski and snowboard rentals at the best prices, I am sure you would like to pay even less.  You are probably looking for a discounted price.  And in that case, you have certainly come to the right place!

Discount Prices

You can save up to 20% on a ski rental or snowboard rental package by clicking here.  The saving is automatic, too, so you won’t have to bother entering in a promo code or coupon code.

You have a choice of the following packages:

  • Sport Ski Single-Day Rental Package
  • Performance Snowboard Single-Day Rental Package
  • Youth Sport Ski Single-Day Rental Package
  • Youth Snowboard Single-Day Rental Package
  • Performance Ski Single-Day Rental Package
  • Demo Ski Single-Day Rental Package

A ski rental package includes:

  • Skis
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Bindings
  • Free transportation to the mountain or delivery to your door

A snowboard rental package includes:

  • Snowboard
  • Boots
  • Bindings
  • Free transportation to the mountain or delivery to your door.