Best hotels to stay in during ski holiday in Geilo Norway

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Geilo was the first ski resort in Norway and is one of the largest.  Geilo, Norway is a wonderful travel destination for anyone wanting a holiday of skiing & snowboarding.  And if you would like to ski and snowboard in Geilo then I’m sure you’re going to want to be close to the action, so how about considering one of these ski-in, ski-out hotels?  They are considered the best ski-in, ski-out hotels in Geilo by customer reviews on TripAdvisor (and you can use TripAdvisor to find the best prices for these hotels):

  1. Vestlia Resort
  2. Bardola Hotel
  3. Geilo Hotel
  4. Ustedalen Hotel
  5. Dr. Holms Hotel
  6. Highland Lodge
  7. Ro Hotel