Coaster Coffee Co at SeaWorld has delicious muffins and pastries for sale

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So if you have been reading this blog, you know my family recently came back from a stay at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld hotel.  We made a video showing our stay here:

So one day, we wanted to get the day started with a little breakfast.  The hotel has an onsite Starbucks, but there was a long line.  So then we thought, hey, since we are right across the street from SeaWorld (did I mention the hotel is right across the street from SeaWorld?) let’s go ahead and walk over there.  We could get some breakfast at SeaWorld.  Especially because we have annual passes.  If you get an annual at SeaWorld Orlando, you can get a discounted price on all food and merchandise bought at the park.  So we could get everything at a discounted price.

So we decided to check out Coaster Coffee Co.  Coaster Coffee Co. is brand new at SeaWorld.  It is at the front of the theme park, which makes it a really convenient place to go once you enter.

Coaster Coffee Co. Review

The name Coaster Coffee Co. kind of tells you what you need to know about the place.  It is a coffee shop that is themed to roller coasters!

Yeah, I really loved the roller coaster theming.  The coolest part was the roller coaster displays you could watch.

SeaWorld's Coaster Coffee Co. has a fun roller coaster theme

Kids and adults will love watching the simulated roller coaster at Coaster Coffee Co. at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, FL

It was super addictive!  You could just watch the roller coaster go over and over again.  I overheard a mother promise her son that he’d get to ride an actual roller coaster here if he’d finally stop watching the roller coaster and leave the restaurant!

And as the name implies, they sell coffee.  Specifically, they serve Starbucks Coffee!  And they sell other drinks, like water.  If you want to get a refillable mug that you can refill with soda all day for free, you can get it here.  I get why people start their day off with coffee, but I like to start my day off with Coke!

Coaster Coffee Co. has lots of drinks for sale including Coke

They also serve delicious pastries and desserts, like cookies and Rice Krispie treats.

Buy pastries and other breads at Coaster Coffee Co. in SeaWorld Orlando

Cookies with sprinkles and chocolate chips are for sale at Coaster Coffee Co. at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL

Enjoy pastries & desserts at SeaWorld's Coaster Coffee Co.

You can also buy fruits.

SeaWorld's Coaster Coffee Co. serves drinks and foods like fruit and cookies

So what food did we end up buying?  Everyone in my family either got a Croissant or a chocolate chip muffin.

A review of SeaWorld's new Coaster Coffee Co., including this croissant we got

Coaster Coffee Co at SeaWorld has delicious muffins and pastries for sale

All of the food was so delicious!

Coaster Coffee Co. also sells themed merchandise.

Buy Coaster Coffee themed shirts, water bottles, and more at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

All in all, we were very glad we came here to start our day at SeaWorld and recommend you try it, too!

SeaWorld Discount Tickets

But of course in order to visit Coaster Coffee Co., you’ll need to have a ticket to SeaWorld.  We talked about annual passes and how you can get a discount price for food and merchandise with them (along with free parking and other perks).  Click here to get an annual pass.

But there are other ways to get admission into SeaWorld.  You can buy a fun pass.  That will get you admission for the rest of 2021 (minus some blackout dates).

And you can also get single-day or two-day admission tickets by clicking here.  You can get tickets that include admission into other parks like Aquatica water park and Busch Gardens Tampa.  You can also get a ticket that has All Day Dining included in the ticket.  We tell you more about all-day dining here.

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