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Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom is a wonderful theme park in Louisville, Kentucky that the whole family can enjoy.  Hurricane Bay is Kentucky Kingdom’s fun water park.  Between the two, there are over 70 fun attractions.  This is definitely a great place to go over the summer.

Kentucky Kingdom Attractions

Mile High Falls

Mile High Falls is a great ride to do when you are hot!  And it’s a special ride, too.  It is actually one of the world’s tallest spill rides!  On the ride, your boat will plunge into a wave that arcs over 100 feet!

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is another special ride because it was America’s first roller coaster to feature a barrel roll drop from a 10-story lift hill!  And there are lots of other great twists and turns on this wooden roller coaster.

Thunder Run

Thunder Run is a world-famous wooden coaster with almost 3,000 linear feet of track and a 74-foot drop!

Kentucky Flyer

Debuting in 2019, Kentucky Flyer is Kentucky Kingdom’s newest thrill ride!  Kentucky Flyer is a great plane themed roller coaster.

Giant Wheel

The Giant Wheel is one of Kentucky Kingdom’s most iconic rides!  It is a Ferris Wheel that reaches heights of 150 feet up.  And the neat thing about that is that when you’re on the top you’ll get amazing views of the downtown Louisville skyline & the hilltops of Iroquois Park.

Lightning Run

If you love thrilling roller coasters, then you will love Lightning Run.  This ten-story roller coaster is great from the beginning, when you immediately experience a 100-foot, 80-degree drop!


T3 – Terror to the Third Power is a suspended looping roller coaster with not one, not two, but five inversions!


Cyclos is a thrill ride consisting of a gigantic swinging/rotating pendulum which loops 360 degrees in the air.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is another thrill ride.  It consists of a gigantic 73-foot tall loop structure.  You will rock back and forth before the ride completes 360-degree loops forward and backward.


On FearFall, you will go up 129 feet, getting great views of Kentucky Kingdom.  But that’s not all!  After you get to the top, you’ll drop back down at 45 miles per hour.

Raging Rapids River Ride

It can get hot in the summer, and a great way to cool off is on Raging Rapids River Ride!  It is a whitewater adventure ride!


On Skycatcher, you’ll get to go in circles on a swing at 130 feet above the theme park!  A great way to get a great view of the park!

Prof. John’s Flying Machines

Prof. John’s Flying Machines is a great family ride where you go around in a circle on your plane.

Scream Extreme

Scream Extreme is like a Ferris Wheel, but it is an extreme thrill ride!

Bluebeard’s Bounty

Bluebeard’s Bounty is a pirate-themed ride.  It consists of a huge boat that swings back and forth, reaching a height of six stories.

Roller Skater

Roller Skater is a great roller coaster ride that kids can enjoy, too!

Bella Musica

Bella Musica is a carousel ride with 42 beautiful hand-carved animals.

Flying Dutchman

On this ride, you’ll fly around in a circle while riding a wooden shoe!


Himalaya is a moderate thrill level ride themed to the snowy Himalayas.  You get on your vehicle and you go around in a circle on a sloped surface.


Get on a gondola ride that twists and turns around.

Rowdy Racers

Rowdy Racers is a great children’s car ride.

5-D Cinema

5-D Cinema is a movie you can ride!  Every 15 minutes, they rotate between Happy Family the ride and Journey 2 the Mysterious Island.

Tin Lizzies

Tin Lizzies is a classic Model A roadster ride where you get a nostalgic look at the countryside.

Bumper Cars

Try to avoid getting hit as you drive around the bumper car pavilion!

Hurricane Bay Attractions

Hurricane Bay is Kentucky Kingdom’s water park, and there are a lot of great attractions there, too!

Deep Water Dive

Deep Water Dive has the distinction of being one of the world’s tallest body slides!  It is a 377 feet long slide with a drop of 121 feet at a 70-degree angle!


Deluge is a hydromagnetic rocket slide water coaster.  You’ll go forward and then up & down.

Big Surf

Big Surf is an amazing wave pool with waves as big as six feet!

Castaway Creek

Castaway Creek is a beautiful, tropical-themed lazy river ride.  This peaceful ride is a must-do for me!

Adventure River

Adventure River is like a high-speed lazy river where you move at speeds that are six times faster than Castaway Creek.

Plummet Summit

Plummet Summit is a 52-foot high family raft ride!

Voodoo Express

Voodoo Express is an amazing slip & slide tube experience.

Mega Wedgie

Mega Wedgie features a 100-foot-long tunnel and a plunge into a gigantic bowl!


Kilawaya is an enclosed tube ride where you experience unexpected twists & drops.


Tornado is a raft ride where you’ll go up seven stories and then plunge down a tunnel.  It ends with you being thrust into a huge funnel that spins you around.

Conquistador Canyon

Conquistador Canyon is a tube-filled ride with lots of drops and turns.

Calypso Run

Calypso Run is a covered water slide with lots of great drops!

Forbidden Passage

On Forbidden Passage, you will experience twists and turns until you and your tube end up in a landing pool!

Waikiki Wipeout

Waikiki Wipeout is an explosive water thriller ride.

Family Wave Lagoon

Family Wave Lagoon is a relaxing pool the whole family can enjoy!

Buccaneer Beach

Looking for a great place to take your youngest kids?  Then head to Buccaneer Beach!  It has over 10,000 square feet of kid’s slides, interactive water play, and awesome tropical theming.

Splash Zone

Splash Zone is another great place to take your kids.  It is a four-level water playground with a large tipping bucket and jet sprays.


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