Promo code, coupon for Fantasy Fair rides at Woodbine Shopping Centre in Toronto

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Have you ever visited Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park?

Fantasy Fair first opened in 1985. Since then, it’s served over 8 million guests! The amusement park is conveniently located inside Woodbine Shopping Centre, in the Rexdale neighbourhood of Toronto.

We’re going to go over some of the fun things to do at Fantasy Fair, including a ferris wheel, roller coaster, antique Looff carousel, and more. And then we’ll let you know how you can save money on a pass that gives you unlimited rides!



Kids will feel as if they are flying a plane in this fun circular ride, which involves elevated planes rotating in a circle. Only children with heights between 36″ and 54″ may ride this attraction.

Antique Carousel

In 1876, Charles I. D. Looff built the first carousel at Coney Island. He went on to build over 40 carousels, including 4 in California in 1911. One of those can currently be found at Fantasy Fair! It was moved to the amusement park in 1985. While the original wooden horses have been replaced with fiberglass replicas, the structure remains the same as it did over 100 years ago.

This beautiful carousel has 44 jumping horses and 8 stationary horses, as well as 4 chariots. These can be found on a 54 foot deck.

Crystal Kaleidoscope Ferris Wheel

Enjoy a ride on the only second story, 50 foot Ferris Wheel in North America! Up to 2 adults and 1 child can ride in each gondola.

Dreamer’s Play Village

Younger children will love having fun in this soft play area! This 3 level playground includes a special toddler area. There are also 3 curving slides, which are specifically for kids 60″ and under. However, kids and adults of all heights may enter this large (5500 square feet!) area, as long as they are wearing socks and not shoes.

Drop & Hop

On this 30 foot drop tower, guests will experience weightlessness, rapidly changing forces, and a freefall sensation.

Fantasy Fair Express

This is a fun train ride throughout the park. It’s a slow moving journey, so that you have plenty of time to take in all the views! Guests sit two by two and share a seat belt.

Fantasy Flight

For this hot air balloon themed ride, guests sit inside the baskets of said balloons, which then travel in a circle in the air. Each basket also spins at the same time, with the amount of spinning partially controlled using a centre wheel inside the basket.

Midway Games

Fans of arcade games will definitely want to check these out.

Rock ‘N’ Climb

This 4 sided climbing wall is 30 feet tall! There’s an individual harness that each guest will need to wear around the waist and hips.

Please note that this attraction is only available on weekends and holidays.

Ships Ahoy

This nautical themed attraction is a classic spinning cups ride. There’s a wheel in the centre of each ride unit, which gives riders some control over how much they spin.

Smash & Dash

If you love bumper cars, this ride is for you! Riders can drive brightly colored electrical cars around the track, while, of course, bumping into other cars.


This is a fun roller coaster ride.

XD Simulator

This is a family-friendly 6D ride experience.


So I’m sure you want to know how you can save money during a visit to Fantasy Fair.

Well, click here and you can take advantage of one of the following coupons, which can save you up to 15% off:

  • Unlimited rides for two people
  • Unlimited rides for four people (family pass)

You see, there is no general admission to get into Fantasy Fair. But you do have to pay for ride tickets – or get an unlimited pass. So that’s why a discounted unlimited ride pass is such a great deal.

Make sure you get your pass before this opportunity ends!