Discount price for Drive A Tank in Mankato, MN

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Are you ready to drive a tank?

“…just spent the day driving tanks and shooting guns.  Best day ever…highly recommend”

Climb into the driver’s seat of military history.

For almost a decade, Drive A Tank has been providing the most elite tank driving experience on the planet.  It offers the largest fleet of tanks and military vehicles for civilians to drive in this country. Some of their vehicles include

  • Sherman E8 Medium Tank
  • Chieftain MK10 Main Battle Tank
  • MK5 Centurion Main Battle Tank
  • IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • FV432 APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • Humvee Light Armoured Car
  • M16 Half-Track & M45 Quadmount Armoured Fighting Vehicle 
  • 5 Ton Military Truck

Drive A Tank’s collection of historic and modern machine guns includes

  • Thompson Machine Gun
  • Sten MK111 Submachine Gun
  • M16A4 Assault Rifle
  • M14 Battle Rifle
  • AK 74u Machine Gun
  • MG 42 Machine Gun
  • Barrett 50 Cal. Anti-materiel Rifle
  • Browning M2 HB .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun

`”Got this as a gift for my dad and I did the ride along.  Fantastic experience with great customer service…machine gun experience was super cool…”

You’ll hear about the history of tanks from World War II to the present, and receive a safety and familiarization course.  Then go to the hidden field-command headquarters. Get instructions on how to drive and then you’re off in your tank on a wooded course.  You’ll participate in firearm safety training at an indoor range. Fire a real fully automatic machine gun while an instructor stands ready to assist.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S.


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