Discounted price for Red Witch cruise in Kenosha, WI

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Tall Ship Cruise In Kenosha, Wisconsin

The sailboat Red Witch is called a schooner.  Based on a design by the famous naval architect, John Alden.  She is an exact replica of an 1830s Great Lakes Wooden Schooner.  Sailing aboard Red Witch is a truly memorable experience.  A hundred years ago, schooners like Red Witch were common sights on the Great Lakes.

She was named after “Wake of the Red Witch,” a novel and 1949 novel and movie starring John Wayne.  Red Witch’s spacious, comfortable salon features posters from the movie.  The ship also features a restroom.

A registered exhibition Tall Ship, Red Witch participated in the Chicago Tall Ship Festival in 2003, 2006, 2011 and 2013.  Flagship status was awarded to Red Witch at Ohio’s Bicentennial Celebration in 2003.  Red Witch is a member of the American Sail Training Association.  The Association has used her as an educational platform for traditional rig sailing and maritime history.

Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song video was shot on Red Witch.  The ship has been featured in USA Today and on WGN.

You’ll board Red Witch at Kenosha Harbor, South Seawall.  Captain Andrew Sadock will tell you a little about the ship, its history, and how it works.  You might even hear some sea tales.  

The wind will pick up and surge into the 77-foot sails.  You’ll slice through the water so smoothly and effortlessly that it will feel like gliding.  Enjoy beautiful views of the water and the lakefront and just relax.  This is a great family-friendly water adventure.

Your ticket includes 3 complimentary drinks.  So raise a glass to your captain and the crew and this great cruise.


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