Discount price for parachute experience in New England

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Powered Parachute Experience In Plymouth, New Hampshire

Powered parachutes (aka PPC’s or Paraplanes) have been around for the last 20 years and have one of the safest records in the ultralight class of aircraft.  It consists of a motor, one or two seats and a parachute.  The parachute acts as the wing of an airplane and gives life as it moves forward.

“Flipping amazing…I was Peter Pan…I was flying!”

“… one of the most fun adventures I’ve ever been on…feel like a bird cruising high in the sky and swooping low to the ground…”

“The view from ‘up there’ is incredible.  Highly recommended…”

Powered Parachute Instruction of Plymouth, New Hampshire, equips people with all the skills and equipment they need to pilot a powered parachute.  Professional flight training is offered in a fun and informational way by FAA-Certified flight instructor Bill Wallace.

PPI also offers “adventure” flights.  Let Bill whisk you away 500 feet up in the air.  Get a “bird’s eye” view of the world below with sweeping sights of beautiful lakes and mountains below.  It’s an incredibly safe and fun way to fly the friendly skies!


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