Save money on a Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise from Midtown Manhattan with a coupon

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Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise

Have you ever taken the time to notice the fall foliage in New York City?  Well, you have the perfect opportunity to with the Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise!

The cruise departs from Midtown Manhattan.  From there, you cruise up the Hudson River.  You’ll enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage during the trip.  You’ll cruise under famous bridges like the George Washington Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge, and the Mario Cuomo Bridge.  The guide will give you some narration on what you are seeing during the trip.

The cruise will take you about thirty miles up to Hook Mountain in Rockland County.  Hook Mountain has sheer cliffs covered in gorgeous fall foliage.  You can see birds like hawks, ravens, ospreys, and maybe even a Bald Eagle!

The cruise has an Oktoberfest feel to it.  Oktoberfest beer specials and German food are sold on the boat.  Some of those foods include pretzels, German potato salad, and Schaller & Weber Bratwurst with sauerkraut. There’s also festive oom-pah music playing on the speakers of the ship.

COVID-19 Safety Regulations

So, I doubt I have to tell you about COVID-19.  But you may be wondering how this cruise is different this year because of COVID-19.  Well, you may have noticed that the cruise does not go to Bear Mountain this year.  That’s because they’re not able to stop at Bear Mountain State Park right now.  But that actually, in my opinion, makes this cruise even more special, because it’s different.

And of course, there are regulations for the cruise because of COVID-19:

  • You must wear a face mask
  • You have to sit at least six feet apart from other guests in order to properly social distance
  • If you get food or drinks, you cannot consume them in the inside of the boat.


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As you may have noticed, a lot of dates have already sold out.  Which makes sense because attendance is limited because of COVID-19.  Plus it’s a really popular cruise!  So go ahead and buy your ticket now before all dates have sold out!