A picture of the fish and chips entree item at Dub's Pub in Savannah Georgia but with Tator Tots instead of French Fries

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River Street in Savannah, Georgia is a place my family always wants to visit whenever we go to Savannah (which is a lot).  Of course, the views are great, and it’s always fun to take a riverboat excursion.  And it has so many great restaurants.

Of course, only one restaurant on River Street has the distinction of being the only sports bar on River Street.  And that is Dub’s Pub!

And that is a restaurant my family had the pleasure of visiting recently.  We had never been there before.  We really like sports bar and are often looking for one on vacation to see a game, but that was actually not the case that night.  It was a hot day and we were looking for a good place to eat and cool off.  And then we stumbled upon Dub’s.  I had never noticed it before and I think that is not just because sometimes I can be unobservant, but also because it is not quite on the water.  It is behind some restaurants right on the water.  But we were glad we walked over there.  Especially when we walked into their air-conditioned restaurant because it felt great!

And actually, we did not realize it was a sports bar at first.  What attracted us to the restaurant was actually its great menu.  And that’s always great because not all sports bar have a great menu.  Sometimes it seems the emphasis is more on the amount of TVs than the food.

Not that this restaurant is lacking in TVs.

Dub's Pub is the only sports bar on River Street in Savannah, Georgia

They have over two dozen TVs throughout the restaurant.  It seems like no matter where you sit you could see a TV.  So it really is a great place to go if you want to watch a game.

But it’s a good place regardless.  The service was really good.  And then of course there’s the food.

Food Review

So our favorite thing on the menu would have to be the fish and chips.

A picture of the fish and chips menu item at Dub's on River Street in historical Savannah Georgia

It’s a delicious beer-battered cod.  It was so soft and delicious.

The French Fries were good, too.  However, in my family’s opinion, if you want your meal to be even better, then change your side item to Tator Tots.

A picture of the fish and chips entree item at Dub's Pub in Savannah Georgia but with Tator Tots instead of French Fries

The Tator Tots are so good!  They really make anything you get better.

But one thing about the food is a quick note if you order the Falcon sandwich.

A picture of the Falcon sandwich you can order at Dub's a Public House in Savannah, Georgia

The Falcon sandwich consists of grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, peach honey mustard, and herb mayo.  We initially ordered it for the peach honey mustard.

And while that was good, there was one thing about the herb mayo: it is incredibly spicy.  Now whether or not that is a deterrent really depends on your tastes.  If you like spicy foods, then this would make the sandwich better for you.

But if you don’t, then you might want to either hold the herb mayo or order a different menu item altogether (once again, we recommend the fish and chips!).

But no matter what you order, given the setting, all the televisions, and the good food, I think you will have a good time.  It has a great atmosphere both if you go with friends or with your family.

And it’s a great place to go if you are staying near River Street.

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