Discount tickets to the Georgia State Fair at the Atlanta Motor Speedway

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It’s that time of year again.  No, I don’t mean time for college football or Halloween.  I mean time for the Georgia State Fair!

The Georgia State fair takes place this year from September 30, 2022, to October 9, 2022.  It takes place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  And they have so much going on that is a lot of fun!

I am going to give you the highlights of what you can expect at the Georgia State Fair.  And then we will tell you how to save money on tickets with a coupon!


Coronas of Hollywood Circus

The Circus Hollywood is back at the Georgia State Fair!  The Coronas family are 4th generation circus performers who first brought their show to America in 1952.  You can expect a lot of fun in this show that has animals, acrobats, stunts, clowns, and more!

Lady Houdini

Lady Houdini more than lives up to her name.  She actually broke the original Houdini’s record back in 2012 by performing her 1,001st public escape.  She actually did that during, where else, the Georgia State Fair at the Atlanta Speedway!  And you can watch her this year, too, as she struggles to escape from handcuffs, chains, and padlocks in an underwater cell for several minutes.

White Tiger Display

No one has seen a white tiger born in the wild since 1958.  But you can see white tigers up close and personal at the Georgia State Fair!

Rhinestone Roper

This show features everything!  It’s got knife throwing, award-winning trick roping, bullwhip cracking, gun spinning, and fast draw shooting.  And it has amazing stunts performed by veteran trick horses Handsome Jack and Luck Joe.

Aquatic Acrobatic Show

Be prepared to be amazed at five generations of the most talented performers.  You get to see mermaids, world-class acts, aqua bola feats, and even a Jet Ski!

Motorcycle Stunt Show

Watch performers on dirt bikes in a half-hour show where they perform wheelies, nose wheelies, and backflips.

Pig Races

You can watch pigs race live three to four times a day at the Georgia State Fair!

Pony Rides

Next door to the pig races, you can enjoy a pony ride!

Petting Zoo

Also next door to the pig racing is a petting zoo!  Kids will be able to spend amazing one-on-one time with amazing animals like miniature horses, baby calves, burros, goats, buffaloes, and of course, pigs!

Benjamin Jackson Hypnotist Show

Master comedy hypnotist Benjamin Jackson performs a great show that features mysteries of the mind, comedy, and music.

Bohm Magic Show

Magician Bob Bohm has a great magic show that not only has magic and audience participation but also features live animals.  And it is really funny!

Banana Derby

Pigs aren’t the only ones racing!  Bobo and Giligan T. Monkey, America’s favorite monkey jockeys, race during the Banana Derby.  They ride dogs like they are jockeys in this fan-favorite event.


Children love the kiddie rides at the Georgia State Fair!


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