A picture of the Manicotti, one of the entrees at Milano's Italian Restaurant Pizza & Bar in Jacksonville, Florida

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Last week, my family visited Jacksonville Beach for the first time, and we had a wonderful time.  We’ve visited a lot of different beaches in Florida.  But this was our first time visiting Jacksonville Beach.  We definitely recommend taking a vacation there.  We really liked our hotel, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Jacksonville Beach.  It’s a great hotel that is surprisingly affordable.  It is not on the beach but it is just across the street from the beach.  By not being directly on the beach, the price is cheaper, but you still have the convenience of a very short walk to the beach.  Click here if you want to book the hotel at a great rate.

So the location of the hotel is great because of its proximity to the beach, but it is also great because its close to so many great restaurants.  One of those restaurants is Milano’s Italian Restaurant Pizza and Bar.  It was a very short drive, and you could walk there, too.  We decided to try it out and then tell you guys what we think!

Milanos’ Italian Restaurant Review

So what did we think?  Well, it was mostly good.  But we’ll start off by telling you about the bad.

The service wasn’t great.  Our appetizer came after our meal was served, which is obviously not ideal.  And they forgot to make one of our meals, so then there was a delay before everyone at our table got food.  So, definitely not an ideal situation.

But even having that, I still highly recommend this restaurant.  Why?  Because the food is delicious!  Let me start by talking about that appetizer.  While I would have preferred it to become before the meal, it was more than worth it.

So what appetizer did we get?  We got the Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Milano's Italian Restaurant Pizza and Bar in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has great cheesy garlic bread

This was fresh homemade bread topped with mozzarella cheese & garlic butler, and it also came with homemade marinara.  Now I really love bread so I can get picky about it, but I can safely say this was some of the most delicious bread I’ve ever eaten.  After we left Jacksonville Beach, we went onto Orlando to check out the Food & Wine Festival at Disney World.  We took the bread we didn’t eat and brought it with us to Orlando, and it was still delicious the second day!

And the main dish I had was amazing.  I had the Manicotti.  It was meatless, just the way I love Manicotti.

A picture of the Manicotti, one of the entrees at Milano's Italian Restaurant Pizza & Bar in Jacksonville, Florida

I have a lot of really good Manicotti in my life.  But I think this Manicotti was the best.  It was amazing!

In addition to the great food, the whole restaurant had a great atmosphere, too.  I loved the decor and pictures.

Pictures of Italy are part of the decor at Milano's in Jacksonville Beach, FL

The bar area is also nice, with a lot of TVs, too, for entertainment.

Get drinks at the bar in Milano's in Jax Beach

So, despite the service, we definitely recommend going to this restaurant during a trip to Jacksonville Beach.

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