Arizona Coyotes Pride Night 2023 Guide

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The Arizona Coyotes hockey team sure does have a lot of great theme nights, right?  They are great because they make what is already a good NHL game even more special.  They really make you feel like you need to attend each game even more.

We talked in the past about their Happy HOWLidays Game during the holiday season and their Star Wars Night.  But today I want to talk about one of my favorite of their theme nights: Pride Night!

Pride Night is one of my favorite theme nights because it is all about inclusivity.  Inclusivity is important to me and I suspect it is important to you.  It’s a great night to back up their belief that hockey should be accessible to everyone.

This year, the Arizona Coyotes Pride Night takes place on March 5, 2023, at 5:00 PM.  The game takes place at Mullett Arena in Tempe, Arizona just east of Phoenix.  In this game, the Coyotes play the New Jersey Devils.

I know you’ll want to take part in Pride Night, celebrate with the LGBTQ+ community of the Phoenix, Arizona area, and watch this great hockey game.  So click here to find the lowest price for a ticket.

Coyotes Pride Merchandise

So now that you’re going to the game, I’m sure you’d love to get in the spirit of Pride Night by showing up to the game in an Arizona Coyotes pride shirt or sweatshirt!  So here are some great choice of pride clothing you can wear to the game: