Discount Tickets to Vegas Fright Nights at the Magical Forest

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Halloween in Las Vegas can best be described as over the top – in costumes, in decorations and in horror. Fright Nights is Las Vegas over the top. It has not one, not two, but, count them, three thrilling haunts to scare you out of your wits.

Blood Barn

Blood Barn is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is plagued by despair and death. The good ol’ boys have thrown away their pitchforks and hatchets. At Blood Barn, the saw is the law. Buzz saw sounds fill the air. The good ol’ boys are twisted and evil. They specialize in fear. These chain saw wielding maniacs are not about to let you walk out the door with all your body parts intact.

Nightmare Manor

Nightmare Manor is the house where evil resides. It has a dark and ominous presence. And it has a vacancy with your name on it. Your heart will be pounding as you enter this house of horrors. The demonic spirits there have been waiting for you. They feed off your fear and anxiety. You’ll feel like you’re in the scariest part of a horror movie. Will you join them for all eternity? You’d better splash on some holy water before you enter this haunted house.

Clown Invasion In 3D

Clown Invasion In 3D promises to show you a whole new dimension of evil. You can smell the fear of those who have gone before you. These evil clowns are dying to show you a good time with giggles and gore. The clowns will be lurking throughout the chaotic maze and ball pits. They want you to be part of their circus of terror. These clowns are so intent and frightening they’ll have you screaming for your life as you try to find your way out.

Make no mistake, Fright Nights is a heart pounding, hair raising experience in terror. You can expect strobe lights, loud noises, fog, cutting edge special effects, intense actors, frightening props and more. Every second will be horrifying and fun!

Opportunity Village presents Fright Nights. It offers programs to provide people with disabilities vocational training, employment and social recreation programs.


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