Discounted price for all-day unlimited rides, food. drinks, arcade games, and more at Jake's Unlimited in Mesa, AZ

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Jake’s Unlimited is arguably not just the best entertainment center in Mesa, Arizona.  It is arguably the best in the world.  Because it literally was awarded the 2018 Top Family Entertainment Center of the World.

Jake’s Unlimited provides, simply put, unlimited fun.  They have so many fun activities kids and adults can enjoy.

I’m going to go over all the things you can do there.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on your visit to Jake’s!


Jake’s Unlimited is full of fun rides!


This is a pod spinning ride where you can control your own speed.  It is kind of like a teacup ride if your teacup came up in the air.  Oh, and watch out for the light show as your pod spins and twirls around.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Spin around and try to crash your opponents in their battery-powered, big-wheel, indoor bumper cars.  These cars are easy to steer and fun for children and adults.

Frog Hopper

Frog Hopper is a great ride for kids.  It extends 18 feet into the air.  It slowly climbs to the top.  Then it pauses…and then it drops the riders down unexpectedly.

The Carousel

Have fun on this classic carnival ride.  It is great for kids and adults like me who like to relive great memories from their childhood.

Tea Cups

Enjoy this classic spinning ride.


Jake’s Unlimited has over 170 arcade and video games!  They have a great selection of current popular games.  But they also have great classic games, like PacMan, Space Invaders, and a giant Connect Four.  They also have great motorcycle and race driving attractions.  They also have several prize attractions, like the famous gigantic claw machine.

Jake’s VR Zone

But the arcade isn’t the only reason gamers love Jake’s Unlimited.  Jake’s Unlimited is also home to Arizona’s largest VR experience!  It was not only the first of its kind in Arizona, but it is also one of only a select few in the entire nation.

Jake’s has the biggest and best Hologate Arena Experience available.  It has the biggest package of accessories and games available.  This includes high-end VR headsets, haptic vests, and controllers that create an out-of-this-world immersive experience.  Guests ages four years old and older get to see and feel everything.  Guests can play together as a team.  You can also challenge your friends to a player vs. player competitive match.  They also use revolutionary technology that eliminates motion sickness.

The first Omni Arena in Arizona has also arrived at Jake’s VR Zone and they have a great selection of games you can choose there.

Jake’s also has additional state-of-the-art VR attractions.  They have a 360-degree rotating ride to motorcycle racing.  There are 2-player fight challenges.

And they have a virtual reality roller coaster experience!  Virtual Rabbids is an immersive experience complete with moving seats.  There are sounds that make you feel you are going at high speeds and you even feel air blowing through your hair.

In all, there are nine virtual reality attractions here.


The carnival-style midway is one of the most popular attractions at Jake’s Unlimited.  Kids enjoy the fun games and playing against each other.  And it can bring back amazing memories for parents and grandparents.  The whole place has a great summertime atmosphere that can be fun and even possibly romantic.


Enjoy 12 classic bowling lanes that feature a beautiful light show and stylish lounge seating.


Guests who are 18 years old or older can play billiards.

Elixir Full Bar

You can get a drink and enjoy games on one of their 55″ TVs at the bar, as well as around the facility.

Laser Tag

Pandaar is the most advanced laser tag experience in all of Arizona.  It boasts a two-level, ver 4,300 square feet arena complete with twists, turns, and hidden areas for maximum play.

The basic storyline behind it is that you are in a tribal futuristic world.  It has been overrun by robots and leaky toxic chemicals from a devastating war.  Now you need to navigate between the two levels among plants, a huge robot, chemical drums, and large tribal details of another planet.

Lazer Frenzy

You’ll feel like you’re in Mission Impossible when you try to navigate your way through a maze of laser beams.  Jake’s Unlimited actually has four different game types: Spy, Team Spy, Beam Dodger, and Beam Breaker.  You get unlimited chances to master the lasers if you get a ticket that includes unlimited ride and attraction play.

And speaking of tickets, I know of a great coupon for one that includes unlimited ride and attraction play!


So about that coupon!  Click here and you can automatically save up to 25% off an All-Day Access Pass & $10 Fun Card.  You can use the $10 Fun Card to play Midway games, for the photo booths, and to win prize tickets.

The All-Day Unlimited Pass gives you:

  • All-day admission
  • Unlimited”
    • food, soft drinks, desserts, and ice cream
    • rides (this includes the carousel, radius, bumper cars, frog hopper, tea cups, and Lazer Frenzy)
    • Laser Tag
    • Arcade games

This is an amazing deal because there aren’t many places that would give you that many unlimited things.  For example, arcade games, food, and drink pretty much always cost.  So it’s awesome that you get it included in one pass.

You can also find another great coupon there, too.  It allows you to save 40% on a Birthday Package.

The birthday package includes:

  • 10 Players + 1 free Play Pass for the Birthday Star (this comes to a total of 11 Total Players)
  • One and a half hours in a Private Party Room
  • Access to a Personal Party Host
  • Fun Party place settings included for each guest (including plates, napkins, cups, etc.)
  • Helium Balloon bouquet with 5 balloons
  • Unlimited Food & Soft Drinks from the Buffet (open daily until 9:00 PM)
  • All-day Unlimited Laser Tag (State of the art & multi-level arena)
  • All-day Unlimited Rides & Attractions (Carousel, Radius, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Laser Frenzy, Frog Hopper & Teacups)
  • 1 Midway Games play (Boardwalk-style games with instant winners every time)
  • All-day Unlimited Arcade Games (Over 170 arcade and video games)
  • 200 Prize tickets for each guest & 1,200 for the birthday star (which you can cash in for toys, treats & prizes from the Bonus Store)

Please note that additional players are $28 each.  Additional Players are $28 each
Parent or Adult Passes are available at $15 each.  They include Admission, Unlimited Food & Soft Drinks from our Buffet, Unlimited Laser Tag, and Unlimited Rides/Attractions.

Please note that 10% gratuity will be added to your bill on the day of your event.

You also need to call and book your reservation at least 72 hours in advance.