Save 9% with a Salt Lake Connect Pass Promo Code

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Salt Lake City, Utah is a city I hold dear to my heart.  I’ve lived there before and have wonderful memories of Salt Lake City.  I know anyone who is planning to visit Salt Lake City or spend significant time there is quite lucky.

If you’re planning on visiting Salt Lake City, I know there have to be attractions you want to check out.  And I know you’ll want to save money on these attractions.  And the Salt Lake Connect Pass lets you do that.

So how does the Salt Lake Connect Pass work?  Well, you buy one card and you get admission to multiple attractions throughout the Salt Lake City area!  If you bought admission to these attractions separately, you’d pay a lot more money.  So this saves you a tremendous amount of money.


So what attractions are included with the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass?  I’m glad you asked because I am going to tell you!

  • Clark Planetarium Dome Theater: Dome Theatre Screening
  • Clark Planetarium IMAX Theater: IMAX Screening
  • Discovery Gateway: The Children’s Museum of Utah: Admission
  • Dreamscapes: Admission
  • Museum of Natural Curiosity: Admission
  • Natural History Museum: Admission
  • Red Butte Garden: Admission
  • Snowbird Tram: Tram Ride
  • Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens: Admission to the Gardens
  • Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life: Admission
  • Tracy Aviary: Admission
  • This Is The Place Heritage Park: Admission
  • The Leonardo: Admission
  • Utah Olympic Park: Admission
  • The Lion House Pantry: Lunch or Dinner
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo: Admission
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Admission

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