Magic Kingdom Tea Party at Disney World in Orlando Florida

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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Mad Tea Party at Disney World, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Magic Kingdom’s Mad Tea Party ride in Orlando, Florida. And then we’ll share a few tips to help you plan an amazing Disney World trip (while saving money, too!).

Walt Disney World Tea Party Ride

You can find spinning tea cup rides in a number of theme parks all over the world; but to me, the Mad Tea Party ride at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World (and its variations at the other Disney parks) has always been THE spinning tea cup ride to which all other rides are compared. It is certainly a classic Disney ride – the Disneyland version opened when the park opened in 1955 – and is currently found in 5 Disney theme parks worldwide.

Guests sit in colorful, beautiful tea cups. A large turntable rotates counterclockwise. On this turntable are three smaller turntables, each holding 6 teacups, which rotates clockwise. And a wheel in the middle of each teacup can be turned to make the cup spin faster.

Clearly, this allows for the possibility of motion sickness. If spinning in particular sets you off, this ride should be avoided. However, as long as no one turns the center wheel too hard, I (and other family members) have been fine on the ride (while getting motion sickness on other attractions). And if you do end up riding with someone who wants to take the spinning to the extreme, you’ll be glad to know that the ride is only one and a half minutes long.

When the ride first opened in 1971 in Magic Kingdom (it was an opening day attraction), there was no covering above the ride. However, too much rain causes the turntables to slip instead of spin. That, coupled with the extreme heat and sun that Orlando often experiences, led to a roof being added in 1973. All subsequent versions of the ride also have a roof of some sort – the original Disneyland Mad Tea Party attraction is the only one that is not covered.

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