Best tips for planning your Walt Disney World vacation from home

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10 Things to Do From Home to Prepare for A Future Disney World Trip

I don’t know about you, but I miss Disney World.  I visited there in February but it still feels like a long time ago.  I can’t wait until Disney World reopens and I can visit again.

But in the meantime, there’s a lot of things I can do right now that can make my future trip to Walt Disney World even better.  A lot of them even help you save money!  So I’ll go over them right now.

1. Earn Swagbucks to Finance Your Trip

So obviously Disney World costs money, right?  But while you’re at home, you can earn money for your trip with Swagbucks!  I’ve been using Swagbucks to finance my family’s trips to Disney World for years now.

You can earn Swagbucks by doing tasks like running videos, answering surveys, and playing trivia contests.  You can even earn when you buy gift cards or do online shopping!  You can learn more about Swagbucks here.

Once I earn Swagbucks, I use them to buy Walmart gift cards.  Then I use that at Sam’s Club to buy discounted Disney gift cards.  You can buy these Disney gift cards online.  You can use these Disney gift cards to buy Disney tickets or to pay for your meals at the theme parks.  This really helps you save money on your Disney trip!  I’ve made enough money to partially pay annual passes for my whole family.  If you don’t already have a Sam’s Club membership, you can get one here.

2. Watch Virtual Tours of Disney Hotels

If you’re planning a trip in the future, then you may not have decided where you are going to stay.  So now is a great time to watch virtual tours of Disney hotels.  If you click here, you can see virtual tours of official Disney World hotels.  We even included Disney Springs hotels.  Disney Springs hotels are hotels that are on Walt Disney World property, but they aren’t owned by Disney.  We compare Disney Springs hotels to Disney value hotels here.

3. Get Matching Family Shirts

Have you ever wanted your family to have matching Disney shirts at Disney World?  They’re an awesome thing to have, but if you want to personalize it then you need to buy it in advance.  But luckily we’ve got time right now!  So check out our list of the best Disney family shirts.  And if you’re visiting with your partner, then check out our list of the best Disney couples shirts.

4. Get Disney Shirts For You

Want a unique shirt for you and only you?  We have a lot of different shirt options for you.  Check out our list of Disney tank tops here.  Because no matter when you go, you’ll need a tank top, trust me!  Are you excited about visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?  Then get a Baby Yoda shirt here!

5. Start Walking

You walk a lot when you got to Disney World.  Especially when you visit Epcot, the most spread out theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort.  So you’ll need to start walking on a regular basis to get prepared for the trip!  This will help your stamina and make your feet hurt less.  And it’s good exercise, too.  To get you more inspired for your workout, consider getting one of these tank tops.

6. Get a Disney Backpack or Purse

I love wearing Disney themed backpacks and purses into Disney World.  They carry all my stuff and show off my love of Disney!  We have a list of Disney World themed backpacks here.  You can find the perfect backpack for visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge here.  Marvel fans will love the backpacks on our Marvel backpack list.  And we have a list of great Dooney & Bourke bags here.

7. Get Disney Themed Luggage

In addition to backpacks and purses for the parks, you’ll need luggage for your trip.  And how perfect would it be to take Disney luggage on your trip?  I always love packing my Disney suitcase for my Disney trip!  We have a list of great Disney luggage here.

8. Get Disney World Planning Books

There are some good books you can read to help you plan your trip.  They also get you really excited for your Disney World trip!  My favorite is the Unofficial Guide to Disney World.  My family has been using that book to help us plan for Disney for years.  You can also check out Birnbaum’s 2020 Walt Disney World Vacation Guide.

9. Get Disney Princess Dresses

Do you have a child who loves Disney princess dresses?  Well, you’ll save a lot of money buying one before your trip rather than waiting to buy it at Disney World.  Because, as you might expect, Disney jacks up the prices once you’re at the resort!  You can find a great deal on Disney dresses here.

10. Buy Disney Personalized Merchandise

Would you like to take things on your trip that are both Disney and personalized?  We’re talking personalized Disney wallets, phone cases, make up bags, jewelry, etc.?  You have to buy these in advance, but we’ve got time right now!  Check out our list of the best Disney personalized gifts here.

11. Buy Other Essential Items Beforehand

There are actually a lot of things you can buy before your trip to Disney World that can save you a lot of money in the long run.  We go over these things here.  You can go ahead and start buying some of these items now.

12. Do Disney Activities to Get You Excited

And finally, I doubt you need a lot of help getting you excited for Disney World.  After all, it is Disney World.  But is fun to anticipate the trip, right?  And certainly, we have a lot of time to anticipate our trip!  So you can pass this time by doing one of these Disney board games or jigsaw puzzles.  We also give you other ideas of things to do while you wait for your Disney trip here.