A picture of the fish and chips, one of the menu items at the Irish counter service restaurant Cooke's of Dublin at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

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Whenever you take a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, I highly recommend taking a visit to Disney Springs.  Disney Springs is an entertainment district with a lot of shopping, dining, and other entertainment.

Visiting there, unlike the Disney World theme parks, is completely free.  It can make a great place to go during a trip where you don’t want to buy another day of tickets (especially if you are only going to be there for half a day like when you arrive in Orlando or when you leave Orlando).

But it also is a great place to go even if you have Disney World tickets.  I like it because of the shopping.  But even if you don’t like shopping, you’ll really appreciate the dining options.  There are a lot more dining options at Disney Springs than there are at the Disney World theme parks.  Even the quick-service options are better at Disney Springs.

And that brings me to Cooke’s of Dublin.  Cooke’s of Dublin is a quick-service restaurant that my family recently tried for the first time. It is the quick-service counterpart to the sit-down restaurant, Raglan Road.  That is an Irish restaurant my family loves; you can see our review of Raglan Road here.

Since we love Raglan Road so much, we really wanted to try Cooke’s of Dublin.  We figured the food would be good.  And we were definitely intrigued by the menu.  It has a really extensive menu, which is great if people in your family have different tastes.  It has a wonderful mix of burgers, fish, chicken sandwiches, and more.  So we knew everyone in our family would find something we would like.

So last time we were on a Disney World vacation, we stayed at the Old Key West Resort.  This is one of my family’s favorite Disney hotels; you can see our reasons why here.  We took a boat over from Old Key West to Disney Springs and tried Cooke’s of Dublin for the first time.  We’ll tell you all about our experience.

Cooke’s of Dublin Set-Up

As I mentioned before, Cooke’s of Dublin is a quick-service restaurant or a counter-service restaurant.  You step inside the restaurant to order your food.  You then take a number and bring it to your table.  When your food is ready, a server will bring it out to your table.

Cooke's of Dublin at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida is a quick-service restaurant where you order your food and then take a number so your server can bring your food out

When we ordered our food, we noticed that they were offering a chicken pie on special.  So be on the lookout for any special menu items.

If there is a negative to the way it is set up, it is the seating.  There are tables, but not a lot.  There are a few tables inside and some outside.  But having said this, though, we were able to get a table though outdoors.  And luckily it was a really nice day.  It was sunny but not too hot so it was nice to enjoy the nice, relaxed, happy atmosphere of Disney Springs while we ate.  And since we were here during the holiday season, I enjoyed listening to the Christmas music playing.

Cooke’s of Dublin Food Review

But what you really want to know might be, what about the food?

Let’s start with the daily special, the chicken pie.

A picture of the chicken pie at Cooke's of Dublin at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

If this is a special when you are there, we highly recommend it.  It was so delicious.  The chicken and the crust was so good.  There were onions and leeks in it but you could barely taste them.  However, that made no difference in overall quality.  The chicken pie was great!  It was so good that it almost felt like it shouldn’t be eaten with a plastic fork and should be instead eaten in a much more expensive restaurant.  The quality is that high.

Another item we liked was the fish and chips.

A picture of the fish and chips, one of the menu items at the Irish counter service restaurant Cooke's of Dublin at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

The fish and chips was so good.  I was sad when it was over.  I actually think the fish was a little better than at Raglan Road’s (though I love that fish and chips, too).

Another great menu item was the Dubliner Burger.  It’s a Grilled Sirloin Burger with Cooke’s Gourmet Ketchup, Garlic Mayonnaise, Dubliner Cheese, and Mixed Greens.

A picture of the Dubliner Burger at Cooke's of Dublin at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

Like the chicken pie and the fish, it comes with Chips (or French Fries, as we call them here in America).  The burger itself was really good.  It tasted really great with the cheese, mayo, and ketchup, too.  If there as any part that wasn’t as good, it would be the mixed green.  Would have preferred just plain lettuce, but that may just be a personal preference.  Overall, though, it was a really good burger.

By the way, speaking of the chips, the French Fries were really good.  They were really soft and you could really taste the potato, which I like.


My family loved the food at Cooke’s of Dublin.  They have an extensive menu with lots of delicious food.  We highly recommend it next time you are visiting Disney Springs.

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