Spice Road Table at Disney's Epcot theme park offers delicious menu items like this Fried Calamari which my family loved

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One of the reasons why I love Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort is because of their restaurants.  I think the best dining at all the Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach), Epcot has the best dining.

And the reason for that is the World Showcase.  The World Showcase has so many restaurants.  And they have so many unique restaurants.  Because they have restaurants unique to the different world pavilions, you can eat a lot of different foods there.  So unlike at other theme parks, you’re not eating the same foods over and over if you spend multiple days here.

So whenever my family visits Disney World, we love to go to the World Showcase and visit different restaurants.  Our favorites are in France, England, and Italy.

But this time, we decided to try something new.  And that something new was the Spice Road Table.

The Spice Road Table is a restaurant we had walked by many times before.  It is a restaurant in the Morocco Pavilion of the World Showcase.  It is a sit-down restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine.  And it was a restaurant we were very curious about.

Spice Road Table Reservations

So as of right now, you cannot get a reservation for Spice Road Table at EPCOT.

But you can be put on a waiting list to eat there.  That’s what my family did.  We used the My Disney Experience Mobile App to join a waiting list.  The estimated wait time was 10 minutes.

We opted to receive text notifications. The text message they sent gave an option to reply with the word “DECLINE” if we no longer wished to hold the table.

A screenshot of the text messages you can get from Disney World's Spice Road Table if you get put on their restaurant's waiting list

While the estimated wait time was 10 minutes, in reality, it took 15 minutes before we received a text that our table was ready.  So while it was longer, it wasn’t too much longer.  And there are tables right across from the restaurant in the Morocco Pavilion where we could wait.

Spice Road Table Atmosphere

Spice Road Table has outdoor seating.  But what’s really great about it is that it has the advantages of outdoor (great views) but some of the conveniences of indoor dining.  Namely, it is completely covered and has fans going.  And that is very much welcomed on a hot day at Disney World, which generally happens when you visit Disney World.

So as I said, the table has great views.  It is right on the water.  In fact, it has such good views of the World Showcase Lagoon that they even have an Epcot Fireworks Package where you can see the fireworks from here, much like the Rose & Crown Dining Room (you can read our review of this experience here).

At night, you can see the beautiful projections on Spaceship Earth for the 50th Anniversary.  It really is quite breathtaking.

See Spaceship Earth change colors at night when you eat dinner at Spice Road Table a sit-down restaurant at Epcot's Morocco Pavilion in Orlando, Florida

Other things you can see include the reflection on the water, the Friendship boats on the water, and the water itself.  We were able to enjoy these views even though our table was not precisely on the water (it was actually among those farthest from the water).

If your chair is facing the other way, though, you still have great views.  You can see the beautiful Morocco Pavilion on the other side.  I think the attention to detail and architecture of this pavilion is so great and I always enjoy seeing it.

Get great views of the Morocco Pavilion & its beautiful architecture at Spice Road Table at Epcot in Disney World

And while our table was farthest from the water, it was closest to the rest of the Morocco Pavilion.

The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is really great, too.  It really has a great Moroccan feel.  I think it achieves one of the things I really like about the World Showcase.  And that is you’ll feel like you’ve entered into another country.  It’s a really neat experience.

Spice Road Table Drinks

One of the strong points about Epcot, quite honestly, is all the great drinks you can get here.  And Spice Road Table is no exception.

Get Mediterranean beers, Wine, and Sangria at the Spice Road Table a World Showcase restaurant in the Morocco Pavilion at Disney World

They offer a lot of drinks like the following:

  • Casa Lager (Morocco)
  • Mas Fi Cava Brut (Spain)
  • Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider (Spain)
  • Paul Cheneau Lady of Spain Cava Brut (Spain)
  • Mas Fi Cava Brut (Spain)
  • CVNE Cune Rioja Crianza (Spain)
  • Bonassia Cabernet Sauvignon (Morocco)
  • Kasbah Red Blend (Morocco)
  • Argyros Atlantis Red Blend (Santorini)
  • Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko (Santorini)
  • Burgans Albarino, Rias Baixas (Spain)
  • Skouras Moscofilero (Peloponnese)
  • Marques de Caceres Excellens Rosé (Spain)
  • Pomegranate Açai
  • Pomegranate Mimosa
  • Hibiscus Mimosa
  • Blood Orange Mimosa
  • Moroccan Mule
  • Medina Mixer
  • Sahara Spritz
  • House-made Sangria(White, Red, Rosé, or Sparkling)

I can also say having been here that the wine is good, too!

Spice Road Table Menu Review

My family was really excited to try the food.  We actually do not have a lot of familiarity with Moroccon foods, so most of these foods were brand new to us.

We were excited to look over the menu and pick out some new food to try.  By the way, we asked if they had a paper menu and the server checked, but they did not have any at the restaurant.  So you’ll have to use the menu online.  There is a code they have you scan at the host table.

So how the Spice Road Table works is you can order Small Plates.  Then your table can share some of these Small Plates.  Here is what we ordered.

My favorite item that we ordered had to be the Fried Calamari.  It comes with Rémoulade and Harissa Sauce.

Spice Road Table at Disney's Epcot theme park offers delicious menu items like this Fried Calamari which my family loved

Fried Calamari is a dish I have been wanting to try for awhile now.  I was really glad I did.  It was absolutely delicious, even better than I was expecting.  I love a lot of seafood.  But even my sister who does not like seafood loved it.

If I had to compare it to one seafood dish I have had before, I would say popcorn shrimp.  But it is better than popcorn shrimp.  It was soft and sweet.

The only negative thing I have to say about this dish is that I did not care for the sauce at the bottom.  But once again, I am not used to Moroccon foods so I may not have developed the right taste for it.  Also, in general, I do not care for sauces.  I prefer my shrimp for instance without any sauce.  So that may have something to do with my opinion.  At any rate, when I order it again, I might ask to leave the sauce out.  Because I found the pieces without the sauce to be the best.

Another dish we ordered was the Grilled Lamb Kefta.  It comes with Tzatziki, Radish, and Blistered Cherry Tomato.

Grilled Lamb Kefta is one of the small menu items you can order at Spice Road Table at the Morocco Pavilion at the Walt Disney World Resort

This was a dish we liked.  My mom in particular liked the radishes.  She thought they were sweeter than how radishes usually taste (but not too sweet since she doesn’t like sweet stuff).

Another dish we ordered was the Spiced Chicken.  It comes with Ras el Hanout, Mint Yogurt and Tabbouleh.

Eat Moroccan spiced chicken at Spice Road Table at the Walt Disney World Resort

The chicken was good and made my sister think of Christmas.  I think it was because of the gingery-type spices used.

We found the Tabbouleh to be okay.  Not our favorite but not our least favorite thing we had on vacation.

The parsley added was all right.  The bites of chicken with it were not as good as the bites without it.

The mint yogurt we did not like.

But all in all, we enjoyed trying these dishes and it made for a wonderful night.

Spice Road Table Location

Spice Road Table is located in the Morocco Pavilion at the World Showcase of Epcot.  The Morocco Pavilion is located in between the France and Japan Pavilions.

It is actually pretty close to the World Showcase entrance of Epcot.  So it is convenient if you are coming there.

You can walk to that entrance if you are staying at the following hotels.  You can click on these links to find out how to get them at a discounted price:

You can also get to this entrance by taking the Disney Skyliner from Hollywood Studios.  You can also take a Disney Skyliner from the following hotels:

It is quite a walk if you visit the Morocco Pavilion from the front of Epcot.  One way to shorten that walk, though, is to take a Friendship Boat from the Canadian Pavilion, which is closer to the front of the park.  Now you’ll have to wait for the boat, so it may be quicker just to walk the whole way.  But the boat does give you (and your feet!) a nice rest.

Discounted Epcot Tickets

Now, in order to visit the Spice Road Table, you will need tickets to Epcot.  You can get discounted tickets to Epcot and all the other Walt Disney World theme parks by clicking here.