I love the beautiful pool at The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort in Virginia

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Anyone who reads this blog knows my family loves visiting Williamsburg, Virginia.  There are so many fun things to do there, like Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens theme park.  It is such a convenient vacation from places like Charlotte (where we live), the Triangle area (Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill), Greensboro, Washington DC, etc.

So we have taken many trips to Williamsburg and have stayed at many hotels.  But today I wanted to tell you about one my family really liked.  And that is the Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort.

You can see it for yourself in our video we took of the hotel:

I want to tell you about all the reasons I liked about this hotel – and what I didn’t like.  I also will tell you how you can get a good deal for the resort.


The thing I liked most about my stay here was our room.  They have really spacious accommodations here.

There are a lot of choices for a room to stay when you visit here.  They have 2-bedroom suites, 1-bedroom suites, and studio villas.  Then there are Colonial Double Queen Guest Rooms and Colonial King Guest Rooms.

We stayed in a Colonial Double Queen Guest Room.  We were surprised by what a low price we could get this room.  You can see for yourself by clicking here and booking your stay through this website.

If you’ve traveled to Williamsburg recently or have been planning a trip to Williamsburg, then I am sure I don’t have to tell you about the high prices of hotels in the area.  I feel like the prices have gone up a lot since just a few years ago.  But luckily, you can stay here at a more reasonable price.  And you get two queen beds, which I much prefer to double beds.  They were comfortable beds, too.

My family loved our stay at the Westgate Historic Williamsburg in a Colonial Double Queen Guestroom

And as I said earlier, the spacious accommodations really stood out to us.  As you can see in the above video, the rooms are quite large.  You can put all your stuff down and still have a lot of room.  This is really great for a family of four.  I also love how they have a nice vanity area that is separate from the bathroom.

My family likes how the vanity area was separate from the toilet at the guest rooms at Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort

Westgate Historic Williamsburg hotel has wonderful beautifully decorated guest rooms

I also liked al the decor around the room.  It was pretty and fit the Williamsburg patriotic setting.

The hotel has a main building, but the Colonial Double Queen Guest Rooms are not in the main building.  Instead, those rooms are at another part of the hotel in a motel-style layup.

A picture of the Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort guest rooms buildings

In some ways, I like this set-up better because it makes unloading and packing up the car a lot easier as you could park right in front of your room.  Although parking is a bit limited, so keep that in mind.


A picture showing how far Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort is from Washington DC, Jamestown Settlement, Water Country USA water park, and more

The location of this hotel is really great.  It is only one mile from Colonial Williamsburg.  And just a ten-minute drive to Busch Gardens theme park and Water Country USA waterpark. Those are the main activities my family likes to do when we are in Williamsburg, so the location for us was great.

It is also just a 15-minute drive from Jamestown Settlement, which my family also enjoys, and twenty-five minutes from Yorktown.  It’s about ten minutes from Williamsburg Premium Outlets and five minutes from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!.


This is a resort, so it has a lot of great amenities.

First of all, I love the pool.  It is a good way to unwind at the end of the day after visiting Colonial Williamsburg or Busch Gardens.  It is a great way to cool off in the summer.  And it is also really beautiful next to the hotel.

I love the beautiful pool at The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort in Virginia

I also love how they have a hot tub.  It is a really great way to relax your muscles.

The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort has a great pool & jacuzzi

There is also plenty of seating if you want to relax while say your children go in swimming.  And there are tables so you could bring back food and eat it here.  For example, there is a nearby Popeye’s that we bought our lunch from and you can bring that back and eat it at the hotel pool area.

Westgate Resort in Williamsburg, VA has a wonderful pool area with plenty of space to lounge and relax for adults and kids to swim

They also have life jackets in case your child is not a strong swimmer yet.

I love how children-focused the Westgate Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia is

And you can even play table tennis while you are at the pool area.

Enjoy great resort amenities during at stay at the The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort in Virginia like tennis and pool

Now, you can get a pool at a lot of hotels.  But not every hotel has its own miniature golf course.  But Westgate Historic Williamsburg Hotel does!

I love how the putt putt golf course at Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort is themed to nearby Colonial Williamsburg

It is located at the back of the resort behind the main building where you check in.  I love that not only do they have a mini-golf course, but it is perfectly themed as well.  Really fits for a hotel that is close to Colonial Williamsburg.

They also have a game room for any gamer in your family, and it has a pool table, too.

The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort has great amenities for guests like this arcade with video games

There is a great fitness center with a lot of equipment like weights, an elliptical, excerise bike, etc.

A picture of weights and a treadmill at the exercise room at The Westgate Resort in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia

There is a playground onsite for kids with excess energy.

Westgate Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia has great resort amenities for children like this playground

There is also an outdoor volleyball court, too.

The Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort has a lot of fun hotel amenities like this volleyball court

The resort also offers really fun extra things, like Movie Night.  And they even have a popcorn maker which you can find with their coffee maker, microwave, and vending machines.

A picture of the vending machine, popcorn maker, and microwave at Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort

They basically just offer guests a lot of fun amenities that make the stay even better.


One thing you should know about this hotel is that it, unfortunately, does not have a continental breakfast like, say, Hampton Inn & Suites Williamsburg Historic District does (you can read our review of that hotel here).

But the good news is that it is close by to a lot of great pancake houses.  We’ve reviewed a lot of our favorite Williamsburg pancake houses.  All of these are within ten minutes of the hotel:  Mama Steve’s is the closest and is only about two minutes away.

Resort Atmosphere

The whole resort has a luxurious feel to it.  The interior of the main building is very attractive.

Westgate hotel in Williamsburg, Virginia has an upscale feel

My family loved our stay at the luxurious Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort

Westgate hotel in Williamsburg, Virginia has a beautiful interior main building with great amenities for guests like a computer and printer

I also really like the exterior of the hotel.  I especially like the fountain in front.

Westgate hotel in Williamsburg, Virginia has a fountain that is very peaceful and beautiful

It is so beautiful and peaceful.

At the same time, it did not have an offputting snooty feel.  The employees were really nice.  And this is a resort with timeshare rentals and I do not own any timeshare with Westgate, but no one even approached me about getting a timeshare.


We really liked our stay here, and we highly recommend you booking a stay at Westgate Historic Williamsburg next time you visit Williamsburg!