How to plan a vacation in Galveston, Texas on a budget

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Planning a vacation in Galveston, Texas?  You wouldn’t be alone.  The miles and miles of sandy beaches and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico water make it a wonderful choice for a trip.  Plus, there are so many great attractions in the area, like the Historic Galveston Pleasure Pier.

But obviously, it is not free to travel to Galveston.  And these days it can feel like vacations can be too expensive.

Luckily, we’ll help you plan a Galveston vacation without banking the bank.  From transportation to lodging to activities, we’ll help you every step of the way.  We’ll give you tips on how to save money and tell you about some great coupons.

Getting to Galveston

A lot of people drive to Galveston but if you are too far out for that, then you may want to fly.  In this case, you can find cheap flights starting at $26 here.  You can also bundle your car rental on that website if you want to rent a car to help you save money.  You can find the cheapest shuttle from your airport to Galveston here.

Galveston Vacation Packages

If you are flying you could consider booking your flight with your hotel to save money.  You can also include a car rental in the package.  You can find these Galveston vacation packages here.

Galveston Accommodations

Looking for the lowest price accommodations in all of Galveston?  The best way I know is to look for accommodations here.  My experience is that you can find the lowest prices this way.

And you won’t just find hotels and motels that are naturally cheap (though you will find these there).  You will also find hotels that are currently on sale at a discounted price.  Just take a look.  The prices may surprise you.

Galveston Attraction Coupons

So I know there are some great Galveston attractions you’ll want to visit during your trip!  And here are the coupons that can help you save money on admission: